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There are tons of gluten free recipes here, plus other stuff related to gluten free travel and generally being out and about as a coeliac. You'll also catch my updates at Twitter.

Quick beefburgers, garlicky cabbage & courgettes - gluten free recipe

Published 12 September, 2006

Yes, a bit of a funny old mix tonight. The cabbage is from me mam's organic veggie garden, the beef mince comes from a wee farm round the corner who look after their beasts well and the courgettes... well Tesco's organic best.

I can't be bothered with the full rundown tonight, so here's a... Continue Reading

Dover sole, spring greens & leeks - gluten free recipe

Published 11 September, 2006

After last night's spring green extravanganza, we had fields of the stuff left so it's greens again.

The Dover Sole
Sole is a fantastic flatfish - loads of flavour and much meatier and flakier than your average bottom-swimmer. Cooking it is dead easy - just season and spray with a little... Continue Reading

Gluten free dinner - Pork chops with italian greens and roast butternut squash

Published 11 September, 2006

Tonight's dinner is coming at you a day late due to the biggest catastrophe ever to befall this blogger - the broadband went down. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth we switched the computer off and when we work up in the morning, the broadband fairies had been and fixed it. Happy... Continue Reading

Gluten free recipe - asparagus & bacon risotto

Published 9 September, 2006

Last night's dinner was Roast Chicken - not blogged I'm afraid - too much to do cooking for guests.

So with the resulting stock, it's risotto tonight. Gorgeous, creamy risotto - possibly my favourite dish. Or at least one of the most regular features on the menu here at gluten free central.

... Continue Reading

Gluten free lunch recipe - rice salad

Published 7 September, 2006

I work from home, and there's nothing worse than coming to lunchtime without any ready-to-go gluten free goodies to fuel my afternoon's efforts, so it's great when there's a big bowl of something tasty in the fridge. And it's not bad if there's some rice salad. ;-)

Here's what I do:

Boil up... Continue Reading

Millet porridge - Gluten free breakfast recipe

Published 7 September, 2006

A good whole grain breakfast, best cooked overnight in the crock pot or slow cooker, and fantastic with a sprinkling of nuts and dried fruit.

Gluten free recipe - Seared tuna with rice noodles

Published 7 September, 2006

I used to think fresh tuna was pointless - dry, chewy and tasteless. Then I tasted some that had been cooked properly. The trick is to sear it quickly on a really hot pan for no more than 2 minutes per side so that it stays pink in the middle. That way you get a tender, juicy, tasty piece... Continue Reading

Gluten free breakfast recipe? Morning munchies!

Published 6 September, 2006

Phew... back from the gym with a raging hunger. Feel like I need about 1000 calories just to get started. But what to eat? Last year, my standard gluten free breakfast would have been fried potatoes, tomatoes, eggs and bacon, but I've managed to develop food allergies to 3 of those now too.... Continue Reading

Guilty Gluten Secrets

Published 6 September, 2006

While the husband is away at the gym, I indulge in guilty gluten guzzling. Today's fair is hardly a crime by "normal" foodie standards - museli with extra sunflower and pumpkin seed, almonds and pistachio nuts. As I don't have coeliac disease, I can eat all the gluten in the world and it... Continue Reading

Gluten free recipe - polenta, guacamole and wasabi nuts

Published 5 September, 2006

And tonight's gluten free dinner is... Fried polenta with corn guacamole and hot wasabi nuts

Yes, it's a bit of a crazy mix of food - some people call it fusion, we call it 'whatever's in the cupboard'. We're polenta newbies, which might sound odd seeing as it's a gluten free staple, but... Continue Reading

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