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Guilty Gluten Secrets

Published 6 September, 2006

While the husband is away at the gym, I indulge in guilty gluten guzzling. Today's fair is hardly a crime by "normal" foodie standards - museli with extra sunflower and pumpkin seed, almonds and pistachio nuts. As I don't have coeliac disease, I can eat all the gluten in the world and it doesn't affect me. But because our gluten free regime is so strict, I eat my gluten goodies from special bowls and plates, and ALWAYS use a spoon to take honey from the jar (my gran would be proud). Plus I've got my own special shiny toaster!

The major upside is that unlike the majority of the Western world, I don't rely on wheat products to fill me up, so I get the benefit of a more varied diet. Also, as we cook about 95% of our food from scratch, we avoid all the nasties of processed food and are reasonably competent cooks. Is keeping the gluten free regime a pain? Sometimes, but the alternatives of a lazy diet that would kill the husband off sooner rather than later, really doesn't appeal.

(...... or not until he gets his life insurance sorted out..... then the breadcrumb poisoning will begin.....no-one will know..... no-one will suspect.........oooops - was that out loud!.... double oooops! The husband will read it and be wary!)

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