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There are tons of gluten free recipes here, plus other stuff related to gluten free travel and generally being out and about as a coeliac. You'll also catch my updates at Twitter.

Quinoa-stuffed Roast Chicken

Published 24 September, 2006

If you've been reading Gluten Free Food Freak for long, you'll know I'm a fan of food that's a bit, well, left-field. And this qualifies I reckon. Basically, you stuff a chicken with loads of quinoa, dried fruit and nuts and then roast it.

This is the first time we've had it, and it is... Continue Reading

Coconut sweet potato with white fish

Published 24 September, 2006

Here's a quick run down on last night's dinner - gluten free coconut sweet potato and white fish.

2 onions
1 inch ginger root
2 cloves garlic
250ml coconut milk
6 spring onion, cut on the diagonal into 1 inch pieces
mini sweetcorn, cut on the diagonal into 1 inch pieces.
2 sweet potato, sliced or... Continue Reading

Lima beans with chilli - gluten free recipe

Published 22 September, 2006

We seem to have been eating a lot of beans recently. The aim is to cut down on the amount of meat we're eating, but at this rate the next drive will be to cut down on the amount of beans we're eating. Oh well, it passes the time.

So, onto this warming comforting gluten free recipe...

Lima... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Biscuit Recipe - Gluten Free Stem Ginger Biscuits

Published 21 September, 2006

Nothing tastier than ginger in a biccy, I say!

Gluten free snack - Avocado & ground seed rice cake

Published 21 September, 2006

Almost offensively healthy, these manage to be really tasty too. Nice work!

Authentic Italian Gluten Free Ravioli - with Creamed Ricotta, Pine Nuts, Parmesan and Herbs

Published 20 September, 2006

If you can be bothered making your own gluten free pasta, make this one.

2 Scrumptious, Easy Gluten Free Recipes for Dips

Published 20 September, 2006

For dipping your gluten free tortillas, flatbread or rice cakes into.

Deceptively Easy Gluten Free Tortilla Recipe

Published 20 September, 2006

Incidentally, when I do make a normal loaf of gluten free bread, it is usually with a packet of bread mix which I stick in the bread machine. The Orgran white loaf makes bread that's good enough for sandwiches when fresh, and keeps reasonably well for a few days.

Relax, the list of naturaly gluten free foods is huge

Published 20 September, 2006

The good news is there is a huge list of naturaly gluten free food. When you find out you have celiac disease, it can seem like there is nothing in the world that you can eat. And as the Western diet relies heavily on wheat based foods, you’ll probably have to break lot of life long habits... Continue Reading

Is Your Child Playing With Gluten Free Play Dough?

Published 20 September, 2006

Does your coeliac child get to play with non gluten free play dough? Chances are, unless you made it yourself with gluten free flour, the playdough will contain a high percentage of wheat flour. As most kids invariably like to put things in their mouth, you could be unwittingly allowing... Continue Reading

Beef & rhubarb stew (yep! :-)

Published 20 September, 2006

Fantastic, more freaky gluten free food, just the way I like it. I mean, beef and rhubarb ?

I might not have chosen this recipe, but for the fact that about the only thing that our sorry, sun-starved waterlogged vegetable patch produced this year was a couple of pounds of rhubarb.

But this is... Continue Reading

Cannellini Beans with Bacon and Sage

Published 19 September, 2006

Straight into tonight's gluten free recipe, as I'm trying to watch my fave BBC spy programme Spooks....

500g of dried cannellini beans soaked for 6 hours, then boiled hard for 10 minutes and left to simmer for 1 hour.
OR 3 400g tins of cannellini beans
3 tablespoons olive oil
4 fresh bay leaves... Continue Reading

Tagine of Lamb with Fruit and Almonds

Published 18 September, 2006

Here's yesterdays gluten free recipe....

Sunday's are about being busy doing nothing, so after lunch, I made our dinner and put it on the stove to slow cook while the gluten free family took the terriers out for a forage in the woods. Before I tell you the recipe, let me tell you about the... Continue Reading

Gluten free pudding recipe - Chocolate pear pecan ice cream mmmm…

Published 17 September, 2006

Tastes like you took time to make it, when you didn't.

Gluten free mackerel recipe - sweet onions, greens & prosciutto

Published 17 September, 2006

Hats off to Hugh FW for this one - a great mackerel recipe makingGluten Free Wifie and loadsa Mackerel the most of our seasonal mackerel glut here in the UK at this time of year. Gluten free too, nice one Hugh.

Yesterday was another bonanza day in the boat - 3 hours fishing yielded over 30 take-homeable mackerel, and not a... Continue Reading

Great Gluten Free Cauliflower, Ginger and Lentil Soup Recipe

Published 17 September, 2006

This is a truly delicious gluten free soup, and unusual enough to keep you interested for a couple of days while you eat it all up!

More Brilliant Gluten Free Baby Food - Tomato, Mushroom and Chicken Spaghetti

Published 16 September, 2006

The gluten free food freak was out fishing for mackerel, so tonight's tea was an indulgence involving a few of the things he can't eat (except gluten as the baby is gluten free for now). While the cat's away and all that....

Hardly an outrageous meal by most people's standards - Tomato,... Continue Reading

Great Gluten Free Baby Food - Spinach and Herb Quinoa

Published 15 September, 2006

Unfortunately for the husband and I, tonights tea was only good for baby food. Luckily baby loved it and scoffed more than is healthy for one so small. I find quinoa tricky to cook properly - tonight I cooked it in far too much water and let it sit to "absorb", but all that happened is it... Continue Reading

Vodka, Smoked Haddock, Sweetcorn and Pak Choi Risotto - Naturally Gluten Free Food

Published 14 September, 2006

Whilst the husband aka Gluten Free Food Freak was entertaining the baby with her fried grey sole dinner, I was knocking up a quick and easy risotto. I was free-styling the recipe as it was meant to have celery, which the husband can't eat, and yellow beans, which I can't buy locally, in it,... Continue Reading

Gluten free Vietnamese Beef Soup

Published 13 September, 2006

Oooh, I love weird food. That's why I'm the gluten free food freak. ;-)

So with this gluten free recipe you take frozen beef, slice it and add it to the dish raw. Mmmmmm... REALLY tasty. We've just finished it and it's going to be a regular recipe for us.

Here's how...

Gluten Free Vietnamese... Continue Reading

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