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Gluten Free Travel Stories

As celiacs, we all trust the word of another coeliac more than promises of gluten free food from hotels or restaurants. This is a collection of stories from travelling celiacs so you can get the low down on gluten free food straight from the horse's mouth. Remember that where you live is a destination for some people, so please tell me about getting gluten free food in your area and I'll let thousands of celiacs know.

Open up the world for other celiacs

If you can let me know about your experiences travelling on a gluten free diet, I know other coeliacs would love to know about them - send your story here. It doesn't have to be an essay, just details about what you found you could eat, and whether you had any problems. I know from the emails I get you would be doing your fellow celiacs a great service.

Gluten Free Guide to Mallorca
This guide contains all of our celiac stories related to eating gluten free in Majorca.

Living and traveling gluten free in France
Oh France...the Eiffel Tower....the wine.... the aged cheese..... and the freshly baked croissants....WAIT the freshly baked croissants that we cannot eat!!! So now you are probably wondering how I can live in the most gluten infested place ever ...

Going Gluten Free in Seoul, South Korea
Being gluten free in Seoul isn't easy at all but I do have some tips that should make it easier for traveling celiacs.

Gluten free travel in Cambodia
Travelling around Cambodia for three weeks and staying gluten free was actually much easier than I thought, despite all my worries.

Paris Gluten Free - 38 Places to Eat as a Coeliac
I have listed just the cafes and restaurants that specialize in gluten free cuisine. There are of course many restaurants in Paris that will now cater well for GF upon request.

Gluten-Free Foods in the Pietermaritzburg Area of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
On behalf of those of us with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, I have been doing a survey of restaurants, cafés and shops in the Pietermaritzburg, Hilton and Howick areas of KwaZulu-Natal.

Trekking in Nepal on a Gluten Free Diet
I had an excellent experience traveling to Nepal with Alaya Holidays. They took great care to contact restaurants ahead of time...

Gluten-Free Traveling in South-West USA
This year, I visited some of the major National Parks in the South West of the USA. It gave me some of the best and worst experiences since I started travelling as a celiac.

New Gluten Free, Dairy Free Products in Korea
The story of Petit Ami, the Allergy-free Rice product (Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free) producer in Korea.

Eating gluten free in Perth, Australia
Gluten free eating in Australia is very easy on the whole, even for eating out.

Eating Gluten Free in Seattle - by a Local
Here is the list of places I highly recommend

Gluten Free Restaurants in Greater Los Angeles
If you come visit Los Angeles you shall be in gluten free heaven! We are very, very trendy, which is often very annoying...

Gluten Free Tour in Morocco
I just returned from a 10-day tour to Morocco, the land of bread. Bread is certainly the centerpiece for all meals in Morocco, and I had to plan carefully around this in order to survive.

Gluten Free in Rome
Here's a list of some of the most notable restaurants I checked out during my stay in Rome that specialize in gluten-free

Getting Gluten Free Food in Japan
I just got back from Japan and I have a couple of thoughts that will hopefully be helpful to other people with Celiac disease looking to travel to Japan.

Traveling gluten free in Bali, Indonesia
I stayed in Sanur in Bali and I used your Indonesian Restaurant Card on Bali and it was very helpful.

Gluten free through Bolivia, Chile and Easter Island
By and large, I had a good trip through southern Bolivia, northern Chile and Easter Island, although its start was not very auspicious.

Getting gluten free street food in Thailand
Marley Davidson is a Canadian teacher living in Thailand. Diagnosed coeliac fairly recently, she has worked out how to eat gluten free in Thailand

Gluten free traveling around Finland
I just wanted to add my experiences of finding gluten free food in Finland, where I have lived for the past 5 years, as I always find it so invaluable to hear of tips when I go abroad!

Gluten Free NYC (New York City)
I just returned from my first post-celiac diagnosis vacation where I did not have a kitchen of my own.

A gluten free, dairy free trip to Avignon, France
I have just returned from a trip to Avignon and surrounds and am still suffering the consequences, as I am wheat intolerant, lactose intolerant and generally follow a kosher diet, so initially found it very difficult to find places catering to these particular dietary needs.

Getting gluten free food in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
I was diagnosed with the coeliac condition in 1984. Since then, my sensitivity to gluten has declined, so the occasional "error" is no longer disastrous.

Travelling and living gluten free in Australia
Australia. There's nothing like it! And there's definitely nothing else like it for a Coeliac traveller. This country is a haven for Coeliac's and their travelling buddies alike.

Our gluten free experience with Norwegian Cruise Line
My girlfriend, daughter, and I took a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line in Dec 2011.

Gluten free vacation in Burma / Myanmar
Myanmar (previously called "Burma") has many rice dishes and flour is not used frequently, if at all, in my experience on meat or fish in the Burmese regional cuisine.

Gluten free traveling in Montreal, Canada
Glutenberg - "mountain of gluten"; the unlikely name of a gluten free beer brewed in Montreal, Canada. Another good one, also locally produced, is the Messagère blanc (white).

Gluten free travel in Abu Dhabi
My husband and I have lived and worked in Abu Dhabi for 6 years and over this time the gluten-free scene has changed dramatically.

A gluten free holiday in Thailand
Before we went to Thailand I was really nervous about the food. I have only been diagnosed as a celiac a couple of months ago. Surprisingly, it all worked out very well, I have not been sick once the entire time ;-). Here is where we went and what I generally ate:

Getting gluten free food in Sweden, from a resident
In Sweden GF food is no problem. I am the father of an 11-year old girl who was diagnosed Gluten intolerant at 3, and even then it was not a big problem finding GF bread, pasta etc...

Gluten free traveling around Venice, Italy
A family's account of hotels and places to get gluten free food in Venice.

Gluten free traveling around Sri Lanka
Unfortunately, many Sri Lankans at restaurants did not know English very well if at all, and even fewer could read English (Singhalese has its own script). Those who spoke English frequently used a variant, Sri Lankan English.

Gluten free travel in Colombia
Although a surprising number of Colombians have actually heard of Celiac disease (referred to as some strange disorder where you can't eat gluten), there definitely seems to be a lack of awareness about what foods can and actually do contain gluten.

Gluten free traveling around Iceland
An excellent celiac travel story on getting gluten free food in Iceland, including recommendations for restaurants and traditional Icelandic foods.

Getting gluten free food in Israel
A list of gluten free food and restaurants for travelling celiacs in Israel.

Carmen’s Guide to Gluten Free Majorca
Carmen Barcelo has a son with coeliac disease and lives in Majorca. She has written a travel guide to help her foreign visitors who need a gluten free diet.

Gluten free in Glasgow: The Aftermath
8 restaurant meals in a row - how did this celiac fare?

Gluten Free Travels through Asia
Our experiences of finding gluten free food in Japan, China, Phillipines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Gluten free holiday in Nirvana (Bintan, Indonesia)
Here is a great story for people who want to spend great holidays A N D eat gluten free diet...

Living gluten free in Corsica
Where to buy gluten free food in Corsica

Gluten free vacation in Japan
Tips for getting gluten free food in Japan

Gluten free travel in Beijing, China
Getting gluten free food - celiac travel in Beijing, China

Celiac friendly (gluten free) hotels and restaurants in Ireland
Gluten-free-friendly hotels and restaurants in Ireland I discovered as a travelling celiac.

Our gluten free holiday in Greece and its islands
How I managed to get gluten free when travelling on vacation in Greece and the Greek islands.

Living gluten free in South Korea
A year of gluten free food knowledge from South Korea

Gluten free in Glasgow: Escape to the city
How I chose gluten free restaurants and a hotel for a weekend city break in Glasgow

Gluten free travels in Croatia
Travelling gluten free - a celiac in Croatia

Gluten free travels in Spain
My gluten free travels in Basque Country, Spain

Gluten free products from El Corte Ingles
Only in Palma de Mallorca, and ONLY in the Dietetic area you have special products gluten free.

Gluten free products from Eroski supermarket
It depends on the supermarket but you can find a lot of products gluten free.

Gluten free products from Mercadona
Coeliacs paradise in Spain, Most of the products are labeled with gluten free symbols.

Spanish labelling for gluten free food
In Spain we have different labelling symbols for gluten free...

Getting gluten free food in China
Just got back from 2+ weeks on a culinary tour in China starting in Beijing, and ending in Shanghai. What attracted me to this trip was that I would be guided by a woman chef who is aware of celiac needs...

Getting gluten free food in Brazil
Although Brazilians are not very used with the term celiac, almost all have heard about gluten because it is law here, all the industrialized foods and drinks are labeled “contains gluten” or “does not contain gluten”.

Gluten free holiday in Lake Garda, Italy
My gluten free holiday in Tignale, Lake Garda, Italy

Eating gluten free on vacation holiday in Switzerland
While Switzerland is also famous for it's delicious cakes and breads, traditional Swiss food is very Celiac friendly and their core national foods are often naturally gluten-free.

Gluten Free Italy with a Coeliac Husband!
My experience of Gluten Free Italy with my coeliac husband - by Julia Ionides

My top Gluten Free Holiday - Lake Garda, Italy - Coeliac Guesthouse
My top gluten free holiday in fabulous Fabio's Coeliac Guesthouse, Lake Garda, Italy.

Coeliac Trekkers in Scotland and Ireland
We really had a great vacation, but YOU, too, can go to the UK and eat gluten free! Yes, it will take a little effort to contact each restaurant manager, but they really do understand our diet restrictions.

Gluten-free eating in Vietnam
The food in Vietnam is great, and very heavily based on rice, rice-flour and rice-noodles, so one does not encounter too much gluten.

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