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Roger & LyndsayIf you have Celiac (coeliac) disease or need gluten free food for any reason, use CeliacTravel.com to get essential facts, tips and tales to help maintain your special diet anywhere in the world - plus our super-popular (free) gluten free restaurant cards in 54 languages.

Have you ever...

  • wanted to go diving in the Maldives or hiking in New Zealand but have been put off by the challenge of maintaining a gluten free diet when travelling?
  • got sick (literally!) of going on business trips and staying in hotels that don't seem to understand what it means when you ask for gluten free food?
  • carefully ordered in your local restaurant only to get a bread coated, sauce laden dish presented to you?
  • eaten the mother-in-law's speciality recipe only to suffer the consequences later?

If you have Celiac disease, the trials and tribulations of maintaining a gluten free diet are doubled when you have to give over control of food preparation to someone else. Celiac Travel will make this an easier journey.

This site is by a coeliac for a celiac. If you have any facts, tips or tales to add to this site, please contact us and you will help build up this fantastic resource for celiacs.

Remember YOUR country is foreign to some people, so tell me about where you live too.

Thank you for choosing this site and happy travels! (A note on spelling. I say coeliac you say celiac. Either works for me so you will find both versions throughout this site :)

Praise for Celiac Travel.com
"Although there a ton of on-line gluten-free resources, most repeat the same table of ingredients or cost money to subscribe. Thank you so much for providing the clearest, practical, helpful information anywhere. I even appreciate your advice on how to handle Celiac socially--- not just ingredients." -- Traci Marlin Director, Communications & Publications, Waco, Texas.
"I have just returned from Turkey and wanted to thank you so much for the Restaurant Card. When I booked the holiday I was told by the travel agent that they could not guarantee gluten free food. I entered into the google box "Eating out for Coeliacs in Turkey" and saw your website and printed it off. At the reception area I reported I was Coeliac and told to see Guest Relations. Although her English was not bad she never understood what I was saying so I pulled out your Restaurant Card. What a difference - she took me to meet the Head Chef and although his English was very poor he made known to me what was OK to eat and what not. He even made me special lasagna. I received star treatment. On his day off I had to deal with another chef and just produced your restaurant card and it works like magic." -- Carol Griffin, Colchester, Essex.

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