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There are tons of gluten free recipes here, plus other stuff related to gluten free travel and generally being out and about as a coeliac. You'll also catch my updates at Twitter.

Gluten free falafel burger recipe

Published 19 October, 2006

Perfect cold the next day for a wee snack or in your lunch.

Gluten free salad - chicken, orange & avocado

Published 17 October, 2006

Gluten free salad? Of course most salads should be gluten free, so who the heck came up with the idea of croutons? (Hands up those who have had a salad returned 'gluten free' in a restaurant because they've picked the croutons off). Sheesh.

Anyway, this salad really is gluten free, and not... Continue Reading

Food allergies

Published 16 October, 2006

My apologies for not posting any gluten free recipes for the last few days, but I've been working on the new food allergies section of the website.

I have discovered this year that my feeling ill a lot of the time was due to food allergy rather than my coeliac disease, and although it has... Continue Reading

Proscuitto salmon and lovely lentils

Published 14 October, 2006

Lovely lentils indeed. With all this millet, quinoa and lentil guzzling you'd think we were mocassin wearing, yoghurt weaving hippies, but we're perfectly normal..... well I guess slightly abnormal, foodies, hence Gluten Free Food Freaks!

Anyway, onto the recipe.

Salmon and Lovely Lentils

... Continue Reading

Sweet Polenta Recipe - Strawberry & Nut

Published 14 October, 2006

Weird no? :-)

Super healthy gluten free food recipe - Quinoa, herbs and griddled veg

Published 12 October, 2006

You say keenwaaaaa, I say kwinoah, either way, quinoa is a super healthy grain, and suitable for a gluten free diet.

Here's a quick gluten free food recipe - great for dinner, but even better left to go cold and eaten for lunch.

Quinoa, herbs and griddled veg

400g quinoa
1.5 litres chicken or... Continue Reading

More Gluten Free Lunch Ideas - Sticky Baked Sweet Potato and Bacon

Published 11 October, 2006

You need to be at home for this one. And in the mood for something sweet!

Quick gluten free dinner recipe - Rice with spinach & coconut milk

Published 11 October, 2006

Lovely soothing coconutty rice.

Gluten free lunch ideas - crunchy apple salad

Published 11 October, 2006

Yes, another salad, but they're good for you, OK?

Salmon in coconut ginger sauce

Published 10 October, 2006

This is a quick and easy gluten free recipe, but it's also extremely tasty. Also in its favour is the fact that you can make the sauce beforehand, or just while the rice is cooking. Really easy for a school night, without any hint of "I only had time for beans on toast".

Gluten free salmon... Continue Reading

Free Gluten Free Recipe - Lamb, Tomato and Pinto Bean Stew

Published 9 October, 2006

Free gluten free recipes - that's what you'll find at Gluten Free Food Freak. Life's hard enough without having to fork out loadsa money for recipe books that you can't use because they're full of wheat (and dairy and eggs and yeast and all the other things people are allergic to).

Today's... Continue Reading

Easy Gluten Free Recipe - Sweet Potato and Orange Soup

Published 7 October, 2006

Yes, orange. Yep, tasty!

Quick Gluten Free Snacks - Hot Nuts Anyone??

Published 6 October, 2006

A very filling snack, and great for parties.

Lovely lentils - another gluten free baby food recipe

Published 3 October, 2006

Lentils get a bad press, but I think they make an excellent gluten free baby food. Recipes vary, but here's a tried and tested favourite - lovely lentil and vegetable puree. This also freezes really well, so you could easily double up the quantities and have some ready for emergencies.

... Continue Reading

Gluten free dinner recipe - Chicken, Mushroom and Courgette Risotto

Published 3 October, 2006

Well I've been abandoned by the gluten free food freak - he's off on a jolly, sorry, business trip for the week, so it's down to me to feed the family. After standing at an open fridge door and scratching my head for a bit, I came up with chicken, mushroom and courgette risotto.

Chicken... Continue Reading

Easy gluten free lunch - Roasted Stuffed Peppers, Feta and Cherry Tomato

Published 29 September, 2006

Looking at it now, I'm not sure this is super-easy, but it ain't too hard, and it looks good!

Gluten Free Chocolate On Test

Published 27 September, 2006

Gluten free chocolate is a must. Some people consider chocolate unhealthy because of the caffeine and theobromine (the chemical that can give dogs heart attacks!) but I say they're all wrong. Chocolate is an essential component of a healthy diet! Period.

Here are 5 gluten free chocolates put... Continue Reading

Scallops with mango salsa - gluten free recipe

Published 27 September, 2006

Thanks to Jamie Oliver for this one, and although it has been tweaked a bit it was gluten free in the original recipe. Scallops are a touch posh for a school night perhaps, but what the heck. Our seafood here in Oban is outstanding, fresh from Carol at Watts on the pier and we eat it every... Continue Reading

More Gluten Free Breakfasts - Fruity Quinoa Porridge Recipe

Published 25 September, 2006

Another take on the millet porridge above, although it cooks quicker. A splash of low GL agave syrup helps overcome the quinoa-y-ness, if you're bothered by it.

Courgette, leek & basil soup

Published 25 September, 2006

Another lovely summer soup.

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