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Millet porridge - Gluten free breakfast recipe

Published 7 September, 2006

You'll notice yesterday I was whinging on about not having anything sizeable to eat for breakfast. Well this morning gluten free wife (aka Lyndsay) was up with the larks (aka Edith the baby) and made a pot of millet porridge.

Millet porridge, now there's a hearty breakfast for you. Mostly because you almost always make way too much and so you can have as many bowls as you like.

Here's how...

Millet Porridge Recipe

Enough millet grain for one person - how much? Oh I don't know, a cup? A bucket?
About 4 times as much water
A pinch of salt
Loads of dried fruit - any types (optional but it does help add sweetness. You can go over the top though. This morning's millet porridge was more like dried fruit with millet.)
Alternative sweetener - syrup, or if you want to stay all GI-low, go for apple juice, or Agave Syrup - yep you read it right, syrup from a cactus. Just saw it in the shop yesterday and gave it a go. It's sweet.

Boil your millet for about half an hour adding more water if necessary. I often give it a little bit longer as the last few minutes make the millet porridge nice and soft.

You can add a spot of milk if you like, chopped nuts or whatever you fancy.

And if you have made too much, like I usually do, millet porridge is great the next day too.

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