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There are tons of gluten free recipes here, plus other stuff related to gluten free travel and generally being out and about as a coeliac. You'll also catch my updates at Twitter.

Moreish roast sweet potato recipe

Published 8 August, 2007

I've always been in 2 minds about sweet potatoes. On one hand, the nuttiness is nice and they're very nutritious. On the other, sweet potatoes, no matter how you cook them, can be wet, the texture uninspiring and sometimes, they're just too, well, sweet!

So I set out to solve the 2 main... Continue Reading

Gluten free corn flatbread

Published 1 August, 2007

To be honest, this was the numero uno flatbread before we discovered the gram based ones above.

Alternative colcannon recipe

Published 1 August, 2007

Making colcannon without potatoes might be heresy to the Irish, but I can't eat the darn things, so here's a different take on colcannon, using butter beans instead.

My alternative colcannon recipe

400g can butter beans
Stock to boil the beans in (a gluten free vegetable stock like Kallo is... Continue Reading

Gluten free beefburger recipe 2

Published 1 August, 2007

I've already posted one gluten free burger recipe

Here's a more standard one I've been refining over the last few months. I've got it to the stage where it makes pretty good beefburgers every time, well pretty much ;)

Gluten free beefburger recipe

500g minced beef
1 onion, finely chopped
1 large... Continue Reading

Quick and Impressive Prawn Ceviche

Published 24 July, 2007

When I first saw this recipe, I didn't even know what a Ceviche was. Come to think of it, I still don't... quick trip to Google... Ah-hah! Ceviche defined.

Anyhowwwww.... what this prawn ceviche most definitely is, is easy. It's just a question of chucking a load of tasty stuff together and... Continue Reading

Super-easy microwave jam

Published 24 July, 2007

This time of year, we've got a glut of blackcurrants and this microwave jam recipe is a unbelievably quick way to turn them into a toast-topping treat you can keep for years.

I used to think making jam involved hours fending off super-heated globules of spitting gloop (at least that's what... Continue Reading

Gluten free oats

Published 14 July, 2007

Gluten free oats have been a contentious issue for a long time, but a recent study has shown that pure oats are gluten free and suitable for coeliacs:


The problem with oats is that they usually become contaminated with gluten either through... Continue Reading

Easy peasy chicken paella

Published 3 July, 2007

I know risotto is not as time consuming as everyone thinks but this has got to be the easiest way to cook a rice dish and a great way to use up leftover roast chicken!

Serves 2 1/2

250 g Paella rice
1 onion
1 yellow pepper
1 handful of raisins
1 handful of flaked almonds
1 tsp ground coriander
1... Continue Reading

FlyBE to ban packed lunches

Published 18 June, 2007

IF you fly regularly like me, you may like to know FlyBe has banned packed lunches on their flights.

I have written to them explaining how this would affect me as a coeliac and food allergy sufferer. You may like to do the same:


Chicken coriander stir fry

Published 16 June, 2007

This is a fresh and sharp tasting stir-fry, which although quite dry, is so stimulating to the taste buds you won't mind a bit.

Gluten free chicken coriander stir fry

Serves 4

600g chicken breast, sliced into approx 1/2cm thick slices
1 teaspoon dry-roasted coriander seeds (just pop on a hot... Continue Reading

Dairy-free pesto

Published 15 June, 2007

Yes, you can make decent pesto without cheese, honest.

Red rice salad

Published 15 June, 2007

Chewy, nutty, tasty lunch.

Super Quick Gluten Free Recipe - Smoked Mackerel and Sweet Potato Cakes

Published 6 June, 2007

Super quick gluten free lunch or dinner, so I'll be super quick writing it out...

Gluten Free Smoked Mackerel and Sweet Potato Cake
2 smoked mackerel
4 medium sweet potatoes
1 teaspoon gluten free thai fish sauce
1 lemon, juiced
1 garlic clove, peeled
big handful of fresh herbs, watercress and... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Tofu Recipe - Nice Tofu Is Possible

Published 5 June, 2007

Yes, it's true. Tofu CAN be nice. Don't believe me? Well, this gluten free tofu recipe is a major breakthrough in tofu taste sensation.

Gluten Free Tofu Recipe
1 packet firm tofu
4 tablespoons rice flour
oil for frying

Take the tofu out of the packaging and drain. The first secret... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Ice Cream - Pecan and Caramel Swirl

Published 31 May, 2007

Oh the joy.

Smoked haddock tartare

Published 31 May, 2007

Another Food-Doctor inspired gluten free recipe, this Smoked haddock tartare won't be to everyone's taste as it uses raw (well smoked) fish, but I thought it was really, really good.

Smoked haddock tartare

You want to get yourself some mildly smoked haddock if you can - otherwise it might be... Continue Reading

Top Secret Gluten Free Sweet Chilli Sauce Recipe

Published 29 May, 2007

This is a painful gluten free recipe to share. Painful as I have closely guarded it's secret for many years. The hours spent guessing what's in it. The threats I've received when I won't tell. But the honest truth is that I often go free-style on this recipe as I run out of one or... Continue Reading

Homemade Gluten Free Chilli Sauce - Spicy Stiry Fry Sauce

Published 29 May, 2007

Here's a hot hot hot homemade gluten free chilli sauce recipe - great for stir-fry's or over grilled chicken or fish.

Gluten Free Chilli Sauce
Tip - make double and freeze some in ice cube trays or small pots, and you've got more in store.
Makes about 250ml
1 teaspoon dried chilli flakes
1 red... Continue Reading

Homemade Gluten Free Salad Dressing Recipe - Spicy Cucumber Dressing

Published 29 May, 2007

Really great dressing for spicing up any of the above salads.

Quick gluten free flatbread

Published 28 May, 2007

A cracking grab-and-go flatbread that's great with salad and other packed-lunchy bits.

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