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Gluten free corn flatbread

Published 1 August, 2007

I try to follow a reasonably strict 4-day rotation diet to avoid developing any more food intolerances than I already have. The trickiest thing about this, I find, is having a versatile carbohydrate I can use every day, such as corn, rice, pulses, buckwheat. I try to rotate food families, but when it comes to grains it's tricky so I count corn and rice as different families.

This makes eating typical gluten-free breads difficult as they tend to combine lots of different flours, whereas I need a simple one-flour bread. Rice cakes and corn cakes are good for this.

So I've created this pure corn flatbread which works remarkably well, at least when eaten warm.

Gluten free corn flatbread recipe

100g gluten free cornflour
40ml olive oil
150ml - 200ml water

In a bowl, make a well in the middle of the flour and add the oil. Mix into the flour to form a paste. Bit by bit add the water, stirring into the paste each time. Eventually, you will end up with a batter that is about the same thickness as double cream. Basically you want it to hold together when it hits the pan, not run everywhere.

Brush a non-stick pan with oil (you only need a super-thin coating), heat until very hot, then pour in about a third of the batter. You should get a thick pancake. Cook until lightly browned then flip and brown the other side. And you're done.

Being cornflour, there isn't a terrific amount of taste, but you could add chopped herbs, cinnamon or other stuff to the flatbread mix depending on what you're planning to eat with it. For me, it's a perfect gluten free solution to the rotation diet problem, and it makes pretty good eating too :)

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