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Super-easy microwave jam

Published 24 July, 2007

This time of year, we've got a glut of blackcurrants and this microwave jam recipe is a unbelievably quick way to turn them into a toast-topping treat you can keep for years.

I used to think making jam involved hours fending off super-heated globules of spitting gloop (at least that's what it looked like when my mum did it ;) ) But no! The era of microwave jam recipes is upon us, and what a relief it is.

Here's how easy it is...

Blackcurrant microwave jam recipe

1.25 lbs blackcurrants
8oz sugar
3 tbsps water

Put the above in a bowl that will fit in your microwave. Cover (unless you like a pink interior to your microwave). Cook on full for 5 minutes.

Remove (careful now it's hot!) and mash with a potato masher. Test for a set by dripping a little on a cold plate. If it runs it's not ready, if it goes firm, it is.

Most likely, you'll need to give it another couple of minutes in the microwave, then test again and repeat until you have a set.

Voila! How impressed will your friends be at your valiant jam-making efforts. Little do they know the secret of the microwave jam recipe. Shhhhhh... ;)

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