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Red rice salad

Published 15 June, 2007

You know I'm a fan of having gluten free food handy at all times to avoid emergency-response crap food consumption? Well I've just prepped a portion of Cashew nut pate, a regular fave, and a new recipe - a Red Rice Salad, gluten free in every way of course. Here's how...

Red Rice Salad Recipe

150g red rice
300 ml stock - we used chicken, fresh from the bird, but vegetarian stock cubes will do
1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp sunflower seeds
1 tbsp linseeds
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp toasted pine nuts
1/2 tsp chopped garlic
2 spring onions, thinly sliced
1/4 cucumber sliced into matchsticks
1/2 courgette, in matchsticks too
2 tablespoons chopped fresh herbs - I used basil, mint, rosemary but grab whatever you've got handy - coriander, marjoram, whatever

Sald Dressing:
75ml (3 fl oz) olive oil
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp gluten free soy sauce (tamari)

Firstly, does anyone else regularly burn nuts while browing them? I've decided it's due to the fact that it takes quite a while for the pan to get hot enough to toast them, by which time you've forgotten, then they brown very quickly. I've taken to setting the cooker timer, but even that doesn't always work.

Anyway, back to the red rice salad....

If you don't have all the nuts/seeds, just miss some out/substitute for others.

Cook the rice in the stock for about 20 mins or until cooked but with a little bite still. Once cooked, allow to cool, then add the rest of the ingredients and stir well.

So now you've got a tasty, filling gluten free red rice salad sitting in the fridge for whenever the hunger pangs strike. Nice.

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