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There are tons of gluten free recipes here, plus other stuff related to gluten free travel and generally being out and about as a coeliac. You'll also catch my updates at Twitter.

Chickpea flour (gram) flatbread update

Published 30 April, 2008

Having run into the house from a successful boat launch this morning (oh yes, oh yes, fast boat, new fishing season :) ), I was at a loss as to what to grab for lunch before heading to the office.

And then I remembered - Chickpea flatbreads in the freezer! It was a while ago I blogged the... Continue Reading

Breakfast millet burgers

Published 24 March, 2008

Very tasty with a few rashers of bacon and an egg or two - and perfect for the gluten free lunchbox later on.

Really easy cashew cookies

Published 8 February, 2008

A favourite in our house, and a good snack full of calcium and sustaining protein.

More gluten free recipes

Published 31 January, 2008

Seeing as I've been a bit slack on the gluten free recipes of late, I thought I'd post this link that someone sent me:

Wild Health Foods Gluten Free Recipes

Their gluten free recipes look good and are often other-allergen-free too, which is handy if you're that way affected.

Pea and Potato Curry

Published 19 January, 2008

Lovely sweet curry, gentle enough for kids, tasty enough for grownups.

Gluten free tea loaf

Published 17 January, 2008

I've been on a bit of a gluten free baking binge of late - this has always been the domain of the Gluten Free Food Wifie, so I though it was about time I got my head round it.

I found an old recipe for a gluten free tea loaf and tweaked a little, and I think this is a very nice cake indeed.... Continue Reading

Dairy free cream / milk replacement

Published 13 January, 2008

Being dairy free can be a pain sometimes, not least when you want to add that little bit of richness to something like a soup. Today, it struck me that a nut milk might do the trick to add some creaminess to a slicy butternut soup, so I blended up some cashew nuts with water until smooth.

... Continue Reading

Apricot and mango oat bars

Published 2 January, 2008

Only if you've got gluten free oats of course.

Quick cashew truffles

Published 2 January, 2008

Chewy, tasty no-bake baking.

Chocolate honeycomb recipe

Published 2 January, 2008

Breakfast pancake recipe

Published 31 December, 2007

A pretty strange and original breakfast pancake, but super-tasty and very filling.

Spinach & pine nut pasta sauce (dairy free)

Published 5 December, 2007

Gluten free wifie and I are dairy free at the moment as well, and I was craving a cheesy pasta sauce. Without cheese this presented somewhat of a challenge, but I reckon the end result was pretty successful. It's also a great way of getting green stuff into kids.

It's a bit of a weird one,... Continue Reading

Eating gluten free in China

Published 27 November, 2007

A very helpful and friendly celiac has just sent me her story about travelling in China. As with may of our gluten free travel stories, Carie's tale is full of specific tips and warnings about how to get gluten free food in China.

Many thanks Carie, and for those of you considering taking a... Continue Reading

Crushed chickpea, avocado and bacon salad

Published 23 November, 2007

Properly filling, and properly good for you.

Halibut with cabbage and (soya) tarragon sauce

Published 10 November, 2007

As well as being gluten free, the family is pretty much dairy free at the moment too, so when I wanted to make something a little luxurious for our anniversary, soya milk had to be brought into the frame.

I'd never made a sauce with soya milk before, but I took a punt that it would behave... Continue Reading

Gluten free chicken nuggets

Published 26 October, 2007

From time to time, eating green stuff gets boring. That's when you want some (gluten freeO junk food. But of course, if you're making it yourself, it just has to imitate fast food, it doesn't have to be junk.

Now the nuggety things you cook are usually chicken, but we actually used... Continue Reading

No-cook gluten free dairy free sweet recipe

Published 6 October, 2007

Kind of more for after dinner coffee than real pudding, but then again, with some cream...

Coconut spinach rice

Published 14 September, 2007

Ooh I love coconut. I would have coconut milk on my gluten free cornflakes. In fact, that's an idea...

Hmm.. anyway, tonight on the menu was Dover Sole which is very reasonable around these west of scotland parts, and I wanted to do something a little less 'meat and 2 veg' than usual. So... Continue Reading

Plum Sauce Recipe

Published 4 September, 2007

Great for stir fries.

New gluten free vacation articles

Published 30 August, 2007

Over the last week I've had a couple of articles from helpful coeliacs describing what it's like travelling as a coeliac in their country. This is invaluable information for preparing to travel overseas, so I want to say a really big thank you publicly.

And if you are able to spend 10... Continue Reading

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