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Update to Italian Gluten Free Restaurant Card

Published 9 August, 2011

If you're planning a trip to Italy any time soon, this should be useful to you. We've got a new Italian card, plus a list of our Italian gluten free resources at the bottom of the post.

From time to time, a native speaker emails me to say that one of our gluten free restaurant cards could be improved upon. This time, Raffaella has updated our Italian card, and kindly explained the changes too:

The second phrase has been a little changed because I've added some words like "amido", "frumento", "farro", "kamut" , "triticale". The word "amido"  is starch, the word "frumento" is another way of saying grain (it's very common in Italy), the word "farro" is spelt, the word "kamut"
is Khorasan wheat produced and distributed by Kamut International Ltd.
and the word "triticale" is Triticosecale a hybrid of wheat/ (Triticum) and rye (Secale).
The Italian Celiac Association aka A.I.C.
(http://www.celiachia.it/aic/AIC.aspx?SS=351&M=368) bans these products from gluten free diet too.

Third phrase:
"Mi può dire se questo cibo contiene farina di grano (frumento), segale, orzo, avena, farro, spelta, kamut o triticale? Se non è sicuro degli ingredienti di questa pietanza la prego di informarsi in cucina e di dirmelo" means  could you please tell me if this food contains flours of grain, rye, barley, oats, spelt, Kamut or Triticale? If you are at all uncertain about what the food contains, please ask to the cook and tell me.

Fourth phrase:
/"Posso mangiare cibi contenenti riso, granoturco (mais), patate, qualsiasi verdura e frutta, uova, formaggio, latte, carne e pesce purchè non siano stati preparati con l'aggiunta delle farine a me vietate, pangrattato, pastella, crostini di pane o salse fatte con amidi e farine a me vietati"/ means I can eat foods containing rice, corn ("mais" is another way of saying granoturco, it's common in Italy), potatoes, all kind of vegetables and fruit, eggs, cheese, milk, meat and fish as long as they are not cooked with flours/starches that I cannot eat or breadcrumbs, batter, toasted bread croutons, sauces made with flours/starches that I cannot eat .

Fifth phrase:
"Grazie per il suo aiuto, è molto importante." means thank you for your help, it's very important.

Rafaella blogs at Una Celiaca in Cucina (in Italian) - you can see the English translated website here.

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