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New gluten free food shop in Venice, Italy

Published 16 May, 2011

This just in from the shop owner…

New shop in Venice selling gluten free food, plus details on Venice restaurants serving gluten free food

A shop is now open which stocks products for all allergies and intolerances and in particular for coeliacs. There is a wide range of gluten free food and ingredients, including some from Dietary Specials. There are loaves of bread and cakes as well as many different sorts of pasta and some bread mixes.
This shop, Mea Libera Tutti, is not easy to find but worth hunting down. It is tucked away off Strada Nove in the Canneregio area of the city. The nearest vaporetto stop is Ca D oro. Find the supermarket Billa, face it and go to the right. Continue until you will Corte dei Pali Gia Testora, a courtyard with a well head in the centre; turn left there and left again into Calle S. Felice and then first right into Calle Priuli and the shop is on the left opposite a fish restaurant. The address is Calle Larga Doge Priuli and it is open 9.30-1.30 and 16.00-19.40.

The shop has a list of restaurants serving gluten free food; it includes the branches of the Gelateria Grom and Trattoria dai Peochi, Canneregio 2232 (closed Tuesday) a restaurant in Strada Nove, near to the shop, which offers one type of gluten free pasta. Some other restaurants are listed below. 
Supermarkets stock rice and maize biscuits and gluten free pasta and health food shops also stock a range of useful items. There is a good one, Erborista Cibele at Campielo dell Anconetta, the small square where it joins Rio Terra San Leonardo, near to Calle del Pistor. 

Pane Vino e San Daniele, Calle dei Botteri,San Polo (closed Monday); Osteria All Ombra, Canneregio 5603 which is in a small square between Campo die SS. Apostoli and Salizzada S. Giovanni Crisostomo; Salumeria Bellenzier, San Polo1472. On Lido is another Minimarket with gluten free goods on Via Tiro, 14 Lido. 

Venetian addresses are not easy to work out; they start at 1 and the buildings are then numbered until they get to the end. Logical perhaps, but complex for visitors.

If you want to self-cater, as we do, contact Marta Dalle Mule at madamu@tin.it. She manages a small flat in Corte Trapolin which is very close to Mea Libera Tutti. It s in a quiet courtyard with canals on three sides and away from the crowds, but within walking distance of all the main sights and the railway and bus stations.  Marta also manages other flats so do contact her for details

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