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Gluten free holiday in Lake Garda, Italy

My gluten free holiday in Tignale, Lake Garda, Italy

This coeliac travel tale was kindly contributed by a guest of Hotel Gallo

I’ve just returned from a really wonderful gluten free holiday in Tignale. We stayed at the Hotel Gallo, in the main village of Tignale, high up above Lake Garda.

Hotel Gallo is lovely. Its small, family owned and run and is simply the friendliest (and possibly the cleanest) hotel I have ever stayed in. All the staff want you to have a good holiday. On top of this, they have lots of experience in providing delicious, gluten free food.

Gluten free bread, pasta, and no cross-contamination

The gluten free bread was the best I have ever tasted, and the GF pasta dishes were wonderful, varied and beautifully cooked. They made every effort to avoid any form of cross contamination. Separate cheese and ham, well covered, was put on the table at breakfast to avoid any contamination on the buffet by other guests.

Gluten free plates of food were brought out separately from the other plates served at the table, so they could not get muddled up, and all this without any fuss. I never ever felt I was a nuisance, or made to feel grateful that they had to cook especially for me.

We went with friends one of which is another coeliac but with diabetes as well. No problem for them to provide the additional gluten free carbohydrate she needed. Being high up above Lake Garda also proved to be an added bonus. The views were amazing and the air quality was wonderful. After a day in busy, bustling towns, the peace and tranquility was totally worth the extra drive.

Gluten free pizza restaurant!

Tignale also has another great advantage. Literally across a small road is a Pizzeria which serves home-made, gluten free pizzas. Gluten free pizzas which are huge, crispy and full of flavour with absolutely none of that slightly annoying gluten free aftertaste or texture. My first real pizza for 14 years!

No cross contamination here either, a dedicated GF oven and GF pizzas are served on blue plates. How did I find this gluten free paradise? An advert in the Crossed Grain (British Coeliac Society magazine) and an e-mail and for us, flights booked with Jet 2 and it was all arranged. Just to make everything perfect the price of the holiday was extremely good.

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