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There are tons of gluten free recipes here, plus other stuff related to gluten free travel and generally being out and about as a coeliac. You'll also catch my updates at Twitter.

Calcium and a high protein diet

Published 2 October, 2009

Does a high protein diet cause osteoporosis?

If you're coeliac like me, you're probably aware of the increased dangers of osteoporosis due to impaired calcium absorption. And indeed, my BMD scans (bone mass density) have shown that I am osteopoenic in certain areas of my body.

At my... Continue Reading

Lambs liver curry

Published 22 September, 2009

Yep, sounds weird, but it's one way of getting liver down the necks of those you love.

Gluten free diet letter to Spanish speaking hotel

Published 3 September, 2009

As winter draws ever closer here on the West Coast of Scotland (and appears to have started, actually), my thoughts have turned to escape to Mallorca where we often go at this time of year.

This year, we're taking a bit of a punt on going half board - mostly to get a real holiday without all... Continue Reading

Gluten free food Magnetic Island Australia

Published 1 September, 2009

OK, this is a bit off the beaten track, but someday, somewhere, some coeliac will be travelling to Magnetic Island in Australia and will be searching the web for how to get gluten free food there.

And when you look at how small Magnetic Island is, you would imagine that getting gluten free... Continue Reading

Savoury sardine and sweetcorn pancakes

Published 28 August, 2009

Weird, weird, weird, right? Yup! But also very tasty, especially with a little tomato ketchup. Oh, and did I mention omega 3's?

Gluten free egg free pancake recipe - high protein

Published 27 August, 2009

(In case you're interested, this pancake recipe is grain free, as well as pretty much everything else free too!)

The search for healthy, gluten free breakfasts is never ending in our house, and I don't mean the 'sugar in disguise' lighter-than-a-feather burn-like-petrol and poof! it's gone... Continue Reading

7 new gluten free travel tales

Published 25 August, 2009

I've finally caught up with the massive backlog of email for celiactravel.com and I was really chuffed to find lots of new gluten free travel stories from happy users of the gluten free restaurant cards. And here they all are...

Anchovy dressing for kale, cabbage and greens

Published 10 August, 2009

If you ask me, the anchovy is the finest flavour enhancer this side of MSG, and its key role in this dressing makes for a powerfully tasty addition to pep up your greens.

At this time of year, we have bales of green stuff coming from the garden - cavelo nero, curly kale, perpetual spinach,... Continue Reading

Kale pesto recipe

Published 22 July, 2009

Help! There's green stuff EVERYWHERE!!! Curly Kale, Cavelo Nero Kale, Chard (not kale but definitely green and leafy!)

We're chowing down about 3 pounds of the good green stuff every day, yet still it comes. The garden is in full summer song and nothing is going to get in the way of hte... Continue Reading

Dairy free ice cream recipe

Published 8 July, 2009

Before we begin, may I suggest that you head over to Karina's Kitchen and gorge yourself on the delights you'll find there. I follow Karina on Twitter to make sure I don't miss one of her gluten free, dairy free, often grain free super-deicious recipes.

Gluten free air travel

Published 23 June, 2009

The nice folks at FlyBe just sent me on article on gluten free air travel. To be honest, it's nothing earth-shattering but it does serve as a reminder for all the basic precautions to take and preparations to make when travelling by plane. Here it is...

Gluten free air travel article

If... Continue Reading

Gluten free, egg free, dairy free waffle recipe

Published 24 May, 2009

I know the waffle is part of the American psyche, but here in the UK I reckon the pancake is the lead sweet breakfast player. And in our gluten free household, waffles hadn't graced the table in decades.

Until my birthday that is. When Gluten Free Wifie presented me with a gorgeous wee... Continue Reading

Roast sea trout recipe

Published 23 May, 2009

This isn't going to be hard.

Take one whole sea trout. Roast it at 200C/400F until just cooked at the shoulder. (you can tell by prying the flesh apart with the tip of a knife and looking). Don't overcook it. Rest for 5 minutes. Eat it.

You don't need to season it, herb it, or otherwise mess... Continue Reading

Great Granola Bar Challenge - Recipe 1

Published 21 May, 2009

I'm starting a quest to make the ultimate granola bar - with the challenging caveats that it must be gluten free, dairy free, soya free, egg free AND should be robust enough to handle a bouncy day in a kid's rucksack.

I know, not so easy.

It's easy enough to go and buy a nut bar, but I find... Continue Reading

Deep fill sweet potato, tuna and roast pepper tortilla

Published 4 April, 2009

Years ago, when we were travelling in New Zealand, we visited a cafe in Little River on the Banks Peninsular near Christchurch. Filled with local arts and crafts, the cafe also did a deep-filled sweet potato tortilla, which Gluten Free Wifie enjoyed several times (on different visits ;-)

Report: Getting gluten free food in Korea

Published 1 April, 2009

I'm always really chuffed when website visitors take the time to help others by sending in their stories of travelling as coeliacs. Getting gluten free food when you're on vacation or holidaying abroad is one thing that can make or break your trip.

Yesterday, I got an email from Ed Fisher... Continue Reading

3 steps to choose a gluten free restaurant

Published 30 March, 2009

After my recent successful trip to Glasgow, I was rather pleased to have survived 8 meals without being poisoned.

When making my selection, I didn't just go for the first restaurant that said "Yes, no problem", I looked at the menus, sent emails and generally did some serious groundwork. I... Continue Reading

So, was Glasgow gluten free?

Published 30 March, 2009

My last post was about plans to go to Glasgow and how I chose gluten free restaurants.

Well, I'm back, and still alive :)

But did I get gluten-ed in Glasgow?

Go gluten free in Glasgow

Published 26 March, 2009

This is kind of niche. If you don't live near Glasgow, Scotland you probably won't care.

But then again, the approach I took to finding gluten free hotels and restaurants applies anywhere you're thinking of travelling to. I've even made it easy for you by providing the text of an email I... Continue Reading

Gluten free celiac cards iPhone / iTouch App

Published 24 March, 2009

Get our gluten free restaurant cards on your iPhone or iTouch - FREE!

If you're a regular visitor to CeliacTravel.com you'll know about our gluten free restaurant cards (in 42 languages and counting!)

Now, thanks to a friendly celiac programmer, you can download all the cards to your iPhone... Continue Reading

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