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Deceptively Easy Gluten Free Tortilla Recipe

Published 20 September, 2006

I was mighty pleased to stumble upon this wonderful gluten free tortilla recipe a few years ago, and it's been a firm favourite since.

Deceptively Easy Gluten Free Tortilla Recipe

400g (1 cup) corn flour
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1 pinch of salt
about 250ml warm water (2/3 cup)

Mix the flour, oil and salt in a large bowl, and add the water gradually until the mixture is a firm, dryish ball. If it's too dry, add more water, or if it's too wet, add some more flour. Knead the mixture for a minute or so to ensure it is thoroughly mixed. Make about 8 flat tortillas by patting them with your floured hands or roll them out on a board with a rolling pin.

The husband prefers to take a strong plastic bag and place the uncooked tortilla ball inside the bag, and press down with a saucepan until it's only a few millimetres thick - the plastic should peel off easily and leave you with a lovely thin tortilla, ready to cook.

Meanwhile, heat a frying pan until it's almost smoking hot. Add your tortillas and cook on one side until it is golden brown, then turn over and cook the other side. Serve your gluten free tortillas with a gluten free dip, such as hoummous, guacamole or tomato salsa.

Some manufacturers are clued up enough to make bags of gluten free tortillas, so check out the ingredients listing and you might save yourself the hassle of making your own. (Even though it is actually an easy recipe, it's nice to cut corners sometimes!)

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