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Gluten free indian restaurant in Glasgow - Dakhin

Published 7 November, 2009

If you're looking to eat out gluten free, Indian restaurants are one of the safer bets. Much Indian cuisine is naturally gluten free, with the use of wheat flour being confined mainly to breads such as naan.

But then there's always the danger of cross-contamination (check that the tandoori isn't made in the same tandoor oven as the breads for example), plus the sneaky, deadly, often-wheat-laced asafoetida In its pure form its fine, of course, but next time you're in the Indian spice section of your local shop, check the ingredients. Nasty.

Gluten free wifie and I were recently looking for a gluten free Indian restaurant in Glasgow to celebrate our 20th anniversary of meeting (in Glasgow!), and I came across this place: Dakhin Indian RestaurantDakhin Gluten Free Indian Restaurant

The amazing thing about Dakhin is that not only can they provide gluten free food, their kitchen is pretty much gluten free! This is because it's South Indian food, and they serve only rice and lentil flour pancakes in place of bread. How good?

As always, I checked with them on the phone before booking, then again when I got there. And here's where it became clear they really knew their stuff. Our waiter pointed out one dish (yep, one!) on the menu that was not gluten free. Why? Because it contained asafoetida.

So I reckoned I was safe :)

Then, when this arrived (rice/lentil flour pancake thing) which I think was called a Sada Dosa, we reckoned we'd made a good choice: Big gluten free indian pancake thing
It's hollow too!

SO if you want a gluten free Indian restaurant in Glasgow where you can safely eat everything on the menu (except one dish), give Dakhin a try. It's upstairs opposite the city halls in Candleriggs.

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