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Gluten free hotel Mallorca

Published 19 October, 2009

The first time we came to Mallorca, we rented a villa so I could ensure that myself and other family members would have reliably gluten free food. But you know, 3 weeks cooking 3 meals a day, plus snacks, didn't feel much like a holiday so this year we decided to try going half board in a hotel.

Now there is a hotel chain in Mallorca that has a relationship with the Spanish coeliac society and claims to specialise in catering for the gluten free diet. This is the Garden Hotel chain (more details on our Gluten free hotels in Mallorca page). You'd think that would be decision made, but for several reasons, we went to the Eden Playa Hotel in Playa de Muro instead.

Eating gluten free at the Eden Playa Hotel, Playa de Muro, Mallorca

A couple of weeks before leaving for our Mallorcan holiday, I faxed our Spanish language letter about the gluten free diet to the hotel.

I then followed this up with a phone call and was answered by a receptionist with excellent English who told me a copy of the letter had been given to the kitchen. They understood exactly what was needed and were happy to provide gluten free food for me. All I had to do was speak to the head waiter to find out what on the buffet was gluten free, and if I wanted anything special prepared, they would prepare that for me.

As it turned out, not much on the normal buffet was gluten free in the evenings at least, apart from the quite extensive salad bar. So every evening I had plain potatoes and veggies with a grilled fish or meat. Put that alongside a big salad and I'm a happy camper. It's not thrilling food, granted, but for me, safe is thrilling enough thanks, and it was perfectly edible.

At breakfast, coeliacs should be more than happy, with your standard bacon, eggs, omelette and so on. You can take in your own gluten free bread (easily purchased at any major supermarket along with other gluten free products. See the Gluten Free Mallorca Guide for more.)

Both the head chef and head waiter were as helpful as they could be, given the language barrier (both of them had better English than I have Spanish), and if you do visit the hotel, don't take the head waiter's grumpiness personally - he's like that with every one - I checked ;)

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