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Gluten free black pudding

Published 9 November, 2009

Along with gluten free haggis, gluten free black pudding (blood sausage) has been the holy grail of my food explorations. I've gone as far as to make my own gluten free sausages, but sourcing and handling all that blood is beyond me.

They are a small bore sausage. Much spicier than any other black pudding I've ever had (in the pre-gluten-free days), and to be honest, they didn't taste much like a 'standard' black pudding either. They seemed to be lower fat, and a little dryer, and the spicing was quite different.

They're filled with a combination of quinoa and rice flour

Personally, I can eat anything at breakfast, so the heat in these doesn't phase me, and the flavour, although different from expected, is still good and interesting. Which is lucky, because I've got 4 more in the freezer :)

The great thing is, if you like me are on a quest for new and interesting gluten free foods, you can get your own black pudding from Bumpylane Organics.

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