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Tarpas - Gluten free restaurant, Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Published 19 October, 2009

Tarpas restaurant in Palma, Mallorca isn't a gluten free restaurant in that it only serves gluten free food. Let's face it, that's a rarity if it exists at all.

What Tarpas is though, is a high quality restaurant where that staff are highly knowledgeable about the gluten free diet and experienced in catering for coeliacs. The fact that the food is gluten free is second to the fact that it's fantastically tasty.

And you know me, I'm really, really picky when it comes to 'gluten free' - it really has to be gluten free. I've eaten at Tarpas 4 times, with other coeliacs, and I've been fine every time.

The food at Tarpas lends itself well to gluten free as it's all prepared fresh on the premises and you'll find Mallorcan specialties such as rabbit stew and an amazingly tasty russian-salad-type thing. (More menu details on our 'Gluten free restaurants in Mallorca' page)

You'll be served gluten free bread, gluten free beer if you want it and get your own gluten free menu - with several sweet options too, if you can believe it.

The proprietor (NAME) (see photo above) speaks fantastic English and is pictured above with 2 friends of mine from Palma - Carmen and Angela. Carmen's son is coeliac and she prepared the excellent Mallorca Gluten Free Travel Guide. Angela was diagnosed coeliac 5 years ago and publishes the infoceliaca (CHECK) site. She also translated my gluten free diet explanation for a Spanish hotel.

If you're visiting Palma, or anywhere in Mallorca in fact, you're really missing a trick if you miss eating at Tarpas. Whether you're coeliac or not!

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