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Gluten free Cuba

Published 28 January, 2014

Cuba CarCuba car. Courtesy of Doug Wheller

This is just quick report on getting gluten free food in Cuba that I received by email. I thought it might help someone, somewhere so here it is. Thanks to Claude Vezina for sending it in...

For people who have a celiac problem, travelling in Cuba isn't too hard. If you sleep in a casa particular, tou have just to advice the owner about your problem, and if possible let him see aa explication of that, in spanish. You don't need to speak spanish.

Very few meals in casa particular or paladars, privates restaurants are prepare with industrial food. All the food they make is prepare completely by themselves: juices, sauces, everything. It is really safe.

But it is impossible to buy special food like bread anywhere in the island. At the morning, if you want to eat eggs with some bread, you'll have to pick with you the bread you bought before leaving your country.

I just arrived from a 2 weeks bike trip in Cuba. I never had any problem. But avoid national restaurants. Always go at a private restaurant or eat at tour casa particular. It is realy safe, and anyway a lot more delicious than the state restaurants.

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