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Home grain / bean flour mill for sale

Published 18 December, 2013

It's a shame, but I'm selling my wooden home grain / bean flour mill made by Waldner Biotech (Waldner Biotech Combi Star Grain Mill). I say it's a shame, because it's such a lovely piece of kit, but not one I've used much.

Home flour mill

I originally bought it to help ensure that all my flours were 100% gluten free, but since then I've discovered that I'm most well when I avoid grains and pulses completely, so there's not really much left for me to make flour from!

Top view of flour mill

The flour mill is really a thing of beauty. It's made from wood and so solidly built it feels like it will go on forever.

Rear view of home flour mill

I bought it from here:

Used it about 10 times or so, and now I'm selling it on Ebay:

Click here to see the Waldner Biotech Combi Star Grain Mill I'm selling on Ebay

So if you're dietarily-restricted like me, or just want a way to grind your own flour to make your own bread, or whatever, take a look at this grain mill. I think it's one of the best you can buy, and this is a bargain!

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