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New Gluten Free, Dairy Free Products in Korea

Korea. Courtesy of Laszlo Ilyes

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In Korea, there was the short period of time the 'Gluten-free' market was booming. However, there are only few celiac patients in Korea and the most of Koreans believe the gluten-free products something it's good for losing weight.

So currently the market couldn't grow bigger and there are plenty of gluten free products in the store that are actually NOT gluten free. Korean food companies here promote their rice products as the gluten free because it contains 'Rice'. The truth is the most of rice bread selling on the street or subway station contain from 10% to 80% of rice flour but the rest is wheat or other artificial additives that are dangerous for celiac or people who are allergic to gluten. The worse is that there the only brand I found safe is the gluten-free rice product series "Petit Ami" produced by Petit Ami.

I met the CEO of Petit Ami, Mr.Lee, at this food exhibition held at COEX in Seoul. I told him my allergy story and he invited me to his factory located in Gyeonggi-Do, the province near Seoul. I tried muffins, scones, chocolates, and ice cream. Surprisingly, I was okay. However, I couldn't believe they are all gluten and lactose free because of their taste. They were just like regular products.

No Preservatives or Artificial Additives, and also possible to produce Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Dairy-free, and Sugar-free. If you are a vegan, you will love their product and they are so diverse from Bread, Cookies to ice creams and others.

Petit Ami uses rice flour to produce some 17 kinds of goods. The greatest strength of the products is their soft texture. In general, rice has less glutinosity and viscosity than wheat, so it is not suitable for baking bread. However, Petit Ami grinds rice into such a fine flour that it turns into a good ingredient for bread and other products. It gives it a soft, moist texture similar to wheat bread while adding the mild taste and scent unique to rice.

Another advantage of the products is that they use no additional ingredients. Thanks to these merits, they have been delivering to the Blue House, the executive office of the president of Korea. Also the product of Petit Ami received a positive response from the Japanese buyers at export business consultations that took place in Japan and from the European buyers at the Rimini Gluten Free Expo held in Italy last year. Negotiations with local restaurants and convenience stores are under way.

For those who are living or planning to visit Korea and wants to purchase them, here are their contact.

Inquiries Petit Ami
Tel +82-10-5619-0665 (English Service)
E-mail ptami@naver.com, tgff@daum.net (English Service)
Website www.ptami.com


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