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How to eat gluten free in Majorca

Published 11 August, 2008

Majorca (Mallorca) is a favourite holiday destination for us Brits. And now we coeliac Brits can be confident in eating gluten free when we get there.

Carmen Barcelo contacted me recently to ask if she could use the Spanish gluten free restaurant card in the book, and now she's completed it, she has sent it over and we've popped it on the website.

If you are considering going to the Balearic islands on holiday, your decision over which one may just have been made for you. Carmen's son is coeliac and as a result she too eats gluten free. Her guide includes:

  • Gluten free labels used in Majorca (Spain) and what they mean
  • Where you can buy gluten free products, and what sorts at each shop
  • Restaurants with gluten free menus, and details on each (this is is valuable, and something only a local can provide)
  • Details of a hotel chain with a specially adapted gluten free menu
  • Useful web resources for coeliacs
  • General stuff to do with Carmen's comments
Thank you Carmen, this is invaluable to coeliacs. Now all we need is one for every other area in the world. Anyone? ;)

Download 'Gluten free Majorca' here

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