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Gluten free restaurant in Kingston-upon-Thames, London

Published 3 May, 2012

If you're a celiac coming anywhere near London this year, for the Olympics or any other reason, you might want to get this gluten free Italian restaurant onto your itinerary. Here's what a helpful local coeliac told me about it...

"Bruschetta Restaurant in Kingston upon Thames was the first Italian gluten free restaurant in the UK and I believe it's the only place you can eat & purchase fresh gluten free gnocci, tagliatelle and ravioli. They also do the most amazing gluten free stone baked pizzas and all the deserts including tiramisu and chocolate cake are gluten free. You are made to feel extremely welcome by chef Julia Zardetto & her partner Danielli and it's somewhere we return to on a regular basis. The website is www.bruschettaglutenfree.com & I can't recommend it highly enough."

Being a cautious super-sensitive coeliac, I asked:

"Can I ask how sensitive to gluten you are normally? If they had any minor cross-contamination issues, would you be able to tell?

And the reassuring reply came back...

"I'm not massively sensitive, however I know they have customers who are and Julia the chef, is hugely aware of cross contamination issues. Not only does she ensure all her kitchen staff are fully aware of cross contamination issues (they have gluten free and non gluten free pans and utensils) but she offers free training to other catering outlets who buy her products to sell on. If there was 1 restaurant I would say that you could safely eat in this would be it but if anybody wants to have a look at the kitchen, as long as the restaurant isn't too busy, they are happy to show you round."
I've recommended this place to my sister who eats gluten free, and I think I can safely recommend it to you too :) If you visit, let me know in comments how you found it.
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