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Any tips for a celiac paleo in New York?

Published 8 May, 2012

New York
New York by wallyg

I'm travelling to New York in August 2012 and I need tips on places to eat that will be scrupulous about their gluten free food, at the same time as providing options for the grain-free paleo diet that I follow. Paleo is like gluten-free+, but of course as a celiac I have to be sure that gluten free means 100% free of gluten.

I'm not asking much am I?!

I'm excited to be booked in to go to the Affiliate Summit conference at the Hilton in Midtown Manhattan from August 12-14 (if you're around that area and fancy a gluten free lunch or dinner somewhere, get in touch). What's not so exciting is the fear of being ill during my stay due to gluten poisoning.The reason for the trip is that in my day job I'm responsible for marketing our website, and that includes affiliates.

But of course that's what faces all of us travelling celiacs, and that's what the restaurant cards are all about, right?

Nevertheless, I don't want to be spending my time worrying about where to eat while I'm there - I want to be networking hard at the event and enjoying New York city. So here's what I'm doing:

1) I've booked a fridge and microwave in my room at the Hilton New York, who provide this as a standard service - cool no?

2) Researching the @#!*% out of gluten free, paleo restaurants in manhattan - I've already discovered this list and this one by the paleolicious Melissa McEwen

3) Wondering about gluten free meal delivery to my hotel - does anyone have experience with this?

4) Asking you guys for help!

And if by some crazy coincidence, you're going to Affiliate Summit too, then hey, wouldn't that just be a party?

Any ideas you can give me in comments, or on Twitter, would be really great. Thanks.

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