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Going Gluten Free in Seoul, South Korea

Gluten Free in Seoul

Being gluten free in Seoul isn't easy at all but I do have some tips that should make it easier for traveling celiacs.

In South Korea, they have this spicy chilli pepper paste called Gojuchang which contains gluten and they put it in literally everything, same goes for soy sauce. Also please be aware that Sout Korean people don't know about celiac disease. The last years the acknowledge and gluten free places have increased but it still can be dangerous.

Here are the places I recommend which I loved:

- Sunny Bread. It's a gluten free bakery which also had a lot of lactose free and vegan products. The owner has new products which she calls "low gluten" but as a celiac I would be careful.

- Creamday Gluten Free Cake. I loved this place so much! The cakes tastes amazing, if you have the chance try the earl grey peach cake!

- 쌀통닭 (Ssaltongdalg) Here you can get traditional Korean fried chicken. They use rice flour for the dough but make sure to watch out for the marinades because they can contain gluten. I loved the butter and garlic one.

- Korean BBQ is a "dish" you can get at a lot of different places and is also fine if you choose meat or vegetables that are without marinade and without sauce. I personally loved beef with some salt, rice and Kimchi.

Otherwise try to get a apartment with a kitchen so you can cook for yourself and shop at bigger stores. I love their convenience stores but they are not gluten free friendly. I shopped at E-Mart but also heard that Costco is a good place to go. The marking of their allergies is a little complicated. I used Google Lens to translate but no worries: Korean people are sooo kind: I've been asked 3 times in 15 minutes from different people if I need some assistance or if they can help me which made so happy and I thought it was so cute.

So Seoul, South Korea might be tough as a celiac but you can do it! Enjoy your trip!

Submitted by a celiac traveller.


Wherever you're going, remember to take a free gluten free restaurant card with you.

I hope that this celiac travel story has helped you. You can help other celiacs travel more safely by telling me about getting gluten free food in your area - remember where you live is a destination too! Send me a report and I'll let thousands of celiacs know.

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