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Gluten free traveling around Venice, Italy

By Sandro

Courtesy of Mircea Turcan

In march 2012 I stayed in Venice, Italy with my family. We are four: my wife Petra, my daughter Ronda, our dog Teo and me Sandro.

Ronda is celiac and moving is not so simple. With Teo, we decided to move by car, and to search an accommodation nearby Venice because parking in Venice is very complicated and very expensive. We found on the web a small cute hotel, in the side of Mestre, that serves gluten-free breakfast and has a private parking, hotel Antico Moro. They give has a very pretty room and in the morning, at breakfast time, they arrived with a Celiac Breakfast Menù with several solutions for Ronda.

The first day we decided to visit the main important side of Venice: San Marc square, the Basilic, and Palazzo Ducale. We moved from the hotel by bus and we arrived at Piazzale Roma in Venice. From here with the same ticket (36 hours tickets that we bought in hotel) we catched Vaporetto n°1 throught Canal Grande and we arrived at San Marc. Canal Grande was wonderful. We visited the Basilic of San Marco and than we entered at Palazo Ducale and Ponte Sospiri with a Guide. We searched a celiac restaurant ("Vecia Cavana") that we had found on the web at home, but in Venice is so difficult find a place and so we didin’t find it.

In the afternoon we walk and walk inside Venice into the small ways called "calli": it was great but in the evening we was so tired and we came back in hotel. At 200mt from our hotel there is the restaurant "Aromatica" that was suggested from the reception. It’s a vegetarian, biologic, celiac restaurant with a lot of choices and good price.

For second (and last day) we went to Venice islands: Murano and Burano. We leaved from Antico Moro by bus to Piazzale Roma and from here we by vaporetto 42 we arrived at Murano, famous for artistic glass. Here you can by everything handmade with glass but you can also enter where they create: in the Fornaci. Another vaporetto from Murano to Burano and we arrived on the island of coloured houses: here we walk for throught this little and fantastic place for about 2 hours.

On Burano island there aren’t restaurant for Ronda. We came back in Venice for a evening trip by vaporetto throught Grand Canal and than back to our pretty hotel.


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