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Gluten Free NYC (New York City)

By Dayna
Murfreesboro, TN, USA

New York City
New York City. Courtesy of Eva

I just returned from my first post-celiac diagnosis vacation where I did not have a kitchen of my own.

My sister, mother and I went to New York City and I was determined not to let my specific eating needs ruin our trip. Despite knowing that a major city would have lots to offer, I was overwhelmed by the amount and quality of GF food available.

I brought my own food supplies to supplement as I typically only eat out once a week at most, but I ate out every day of our trip and did not get sick once! For anyone else planning a trip to NYC here are several recommendations on where to eat.

The first is Risotteria in Greenwich Village. This restaurant is almost entirely GF and the staff knows what they are doing to keep your food safe. From the time you walk in you will see familiar GF supplies on the walls (like Tinkyada) to GF beers recommendations. The breadsticks just about stole my heart and my shiitake risotto was phenomenal.

Another hit was Tulu's bakery in the East Village. From cupcakes to bundt cake to donuts, this bakery will keep anyone's sweet tooth satisfied. We also ate at several restaurants that offered a limited GF menu. Bloom's deli had a great open face reuben and delicious coleslaw. Ruby Foo's made for a quick and quirky meal before a show.

The Russian Tea Room did a great job at making sure our tea platters were completely GF friendly without missing out on any of the flavors. We didn't get a chance to stop by Friedman's Lunch but it also came with rave reviews for the GF community and it will definitely top my brunch list on a return trip that includes a weekend stay.

Other recommendations that I didn't get to try but came to me with high recommendations: Market Cafe, Pie by the Pound (pizzeria with a GF owner), and S'MAC.


Wherever you're going, remember to take a free gluten free restaurant card with you.

I hope that this celiac travel story has helped you. You can help other celiacs travel more safely by telling me about getting gluten free food in your area - remember where you live is a destination too! Send me a report and I'll let thousands of celiacs know.

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