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Truly gluten free fish and chips

Published 11 December, 2009

Real Food Cafe - gluten free fish and chipsGluten free fish and chips from the Real Food Cafe, Tyndrum, Scotland

If you're anything like me, any time you hear a chip shop offering 'gluten free fish and chips', your ears prick up. Then, if you're anything like me, you start to think "Hmmm... do they really know what they're doing? I mean, there's batter everywhere... do they even know about cross-contamination in fryers... and what about in the warming cabinets... ok, maybe I won't bother..."

Now this a pretty niche post, because unless you travel between Glasgow and and Fort William or Oban, you're just going to have to sit and drool at your computer and imagine what could have been. Fish and chips by post just doesn't work I'm afraid.

But if you are one of the chosen few, then you're in for a delicious surprise.

Because the gluten free fish and chips from the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum really are gluten free. I know this because I have eaten them dozens of times. And not only that, they are truly world class fish and chips - regardless of the gluten factor.Real Food Cafe Map

The fish is done in an excellent crispy batter - I'm not sure what they use now - I do know that they changed the original one as this gave a better result. It's cooked in a dedicated gluten free fryer so you do have to wait 5 minutes longer than usual for it to heat up. I can live with that.

Their chips are all gluten free anyway as they cook only chips in the chip fryer. I've been told that by other fish and chip shops only to find out later that 'nothing else' meant 'not much else just the odd battered item'.

Oh, and to cap it all, they've started doing a gluten free brownie now too. Home baked.

I've been going to the Real Food Cafe for years and have only finally got round to writing this review because I'm passing through Tyndrum this afternoon, and I'll be stopping by. Again. In wonder if I can get a job in Glasgow so I have to commute. It's only 2 1/2 hours drive.

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