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Specialist Gluten Free Travel Company Launches First Trip

Published 1 August, 2011

I've just received an interesting press release from a new US company specializing in organizing gluten free vacations. This could be a real breakthrough for those of you looking for a worry-free, all-inclusive trip.

Gluten Free Travel - US was formed as a partnership between Ellen Morse Travel and Estelle Chandler, author of two gluten free cookbooks and hostess of "The Matt and Estelle Show", an interactive gluten free cooking show.

Gluten Free Travel are running their first organised trip to Costa Rica from November 3-8, 2011, with 5 nights at the Marriott Guancastle Hotel. They are also able to offer trips to places such as Panama, Spain, Argentina, Italy and more, and can organize customized packages for people who don't want to go on group trips.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has been on a trip with Gluten Free Travel-US, or perhaps I'll just have to go on one myself.

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