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New gluten free restaurant review site

Published 26 January, 2010

I've just had an email from Kate who has started the new gluten free (and other food allergen) restaurant review site LeaveItOut.

This is really good news in my opinion, as the other competitor in this space is woeful. GlutenFreeOnTheGo.com was started by CoeliacUK and then handed over to someone else to run.

GFOTG is difficult to navigate (nigh on impossible on a mobile device, which is when you most need it), there's no space for user reviews (which as a coeliac is what you really want to hear anyway) and the inclusion criteria seem something like "Yeah, we can do gluten free, no worries".

So I for one am really happy to see LeaveItOut appear on the scene and I'll be watching it closely. If you know of good gluten free restaurants near you, why not hop on over, do a review and help them get the ball rolling?

(Quick plug: Don't forget your free gluten free restaurant cards - they're always handy to ensure the kitchen really understand the gravity of the coeliac situation).

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