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Making nut milks - almond, hazlenut etc

Published 21 November, 2008

Almond milk is nice. Hazlenut (filbert) milk is even nicer, especially in a latte. But the trouble is, when you buy them in cartons they come laced with corn maltodextrin and other nasties that I don't want to be ingesting. They may be gluten free, but who knows just 'how' gluten free? So I thought I'd have a go at making some myself.

Making your own nut milk

Right, this is complicated. Not.

1 cup almonds (or whatever nut)
4 cups water

Put nuts in water in fridge overnight.

Blend. Put mixture in muslin bag and squeeze until fully 'milked'.

Ta-da! Nut milk. With my first batch I poured it into a mug, heated it in the microwave, spooned in some fruit sugar and decaf coffee and had myself a tasty, warming, filling cup of goodness.
I reckon using toasted nuts would be good too, especially with hazlenuts which go so deliciously with coffee. Apparently you can use seeds too, and I fancy macadamias might be OK.

The leftover nut mash should be pretty decent for cakes and biscuits too - waste not, guilt not, as they say.

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