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Gluten free glue to go

Published 9 April, 2007

Coeliacs often run into problems with burger, fishcake or other pattie recipes when they ask for flour. And if, like me, you have an egg allergy too, you may think a gluten free burger is an impossibility.

But no!

The Gluten Free Food Freak is here to tell you it's easy to stick stuff together without eggs or flour. Here's how...

Gluten free, egg free sticky stuff

Here's what you do:

1) Boil some rice - brown will do just as well as white and you get the added benefit of the fibre
2) Overcook it by about 2 minutes so it's nice and soft
3) Cool under cold water and drain
4) Blitz in a blender until it forms a glutinous (not glutenous ;-) gloop

This is seriously sticky stuff! You could put your wallpaper up with it.

A few tablespoons into your burger or pattie mix will turn a crumbly heap into a never-to-be-parted, let's all stick together forever, easy to fry gluten free delight.

There you go! Gluten free glue to go. Tell your friends.

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