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Gluten free breakfast - rice & buckwheat porridge

Published 22 October, 2006

I've only got into gluten free porridges for breakfast recently, and it's a nice change from cold cereal or breakfast pancakes. This gluten free porridge is made from brown rice flakes and buckwheat flakes which you'll get from any yoghurt-weaving hippy shop, although we order ours by the ton over the mighty interweb.

Here's how:

Gluten free rice & buckwheat breakfast porridge

Handful brown rice flakes (you can use white but brown have a better bite, plus they must be better for you - brown stuff is right?)
Smaller handful buckwheat flakes - smaller because the buckwheat will go squidgier and is more flavoured than the rice - it adds a nuttiness
Some dried blueberries (these have to be my favourite dried fruit)
Some dried cranberries
Some dried prunes
In fact, whatever dried fruit you like
Walnuts/macadamia nuts/pecans/almonds

Put the flakes in a pan with the dried fruit and pour on hot water until the flakes are covered. Keep stirring on a low heat and adding more water as you need. They should be done after about 3 minutes, but just check them until you're happy.

Spooin into a bowl, sprinkle the nuts on top and then if you want, pour a little milk over to cool and loosen the porridge. I use rice milk because I'm allergic to the cow's variety.

The best gluten free breakfasts are tasty, quick, easy and keep you going for at least longer than it takes to get to the office. This porridge fits the bill.

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