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Food allergy treatment & cure

The self-administered treatment I used to cure my food intolerance symptoms

Once I had identified the foods I was intolerant of using this food intolerance test, I followed a very careful treatment regime to give myself the best chance of curing my food intolerances.

Curing a food intolerance is not something you can go in a slap-dash way, at least not when you have multiple food intolerances like me, on top of coeliac disease (!)

So here I'll tell you how I went about it and give you the treatment tools I used so hopefully, you can get the same great results.

Essential food allergy cure step 1

You might think you can cure food intolerances simply by working out what makes you ill and stopping eating it. But then if it were always that easy you probably wouldn't be reading this. There are many reasons why this is difficult, including that some food allergies are slow-onset, meaning you might not be able to tie together cause and effect. Plus, there may be more than one possible explanation for any single symptom, which is why I have a 3 strikes rule now - unless a food causes the same reaction 3 times, I ignore it. There are many so-called food allergy tests out there, but this is the test my research turned up as holding the most hope.

Fantastic food intolerance treatment tool - the Food Diary

Despite our modern fascination with all things technological, sometimes simple is best. And a food diary is pretty straightforward, you basically record everything you put in your mouth. There are more details on food diaries here

You may think this is going to far, or is just too much hassle, but I beg you to think again. After years of trying to work out what was making me ill, I know only too well that it is impossible (yep, not just hard, actually impossible) to keep track of what you eat and your symptoms without a food diary. I recommend you use Google Docs for this, so you can access your diary anywhere.

Gut-healing and digestion-boosting supplements and vitamins

I was always of the opinion that if I was eating a varied diet, I would get all the vitamins and minerals I need naturally. The trouble is, my diet wasn't as varied as I thought, and with coeliac disease and food allergies, your nutrient absorption can be pretty poor. Add to that the fact that it's actually quite hard to avoid any nutrient deficiences even with a healthy gut, and the problem is starting to become clear.

I've done a lot of reading on nutrition because of this and have come up with a range of supplements and vitamins that have helped me.


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