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The food intolerance / allergy test I used

The food intolerance test that changed me from fatigued and thick-headed to clear-minded and full of energy

If you have read my page on food intolerances, you will know the astonishing effects this food intolerance / allergy test had on me, and how carefully I researched it before buying it.

Food intolerance tests are notoriously unreliable, which is why I spent more than 6 weeks reading books, exploring websites and talking to nutritionists.

The food intolerance test I finally chose tests for anti-bodies in your blood. Which means that it will only identify foods to which you have an actual immune response.

3 friends have used this test with results as good, or better than mine

  • A friend who was diagnosed with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) over 8 years ago and who could barely walk a few hundred yards is now well. She has seen consultant after consultant who could do nothing for her. When she took the food intolerance test, she found she was allergic to soya, rice, some pulses and gluten. She told me, about 3 months after taking the test, she had just had a week of 100% energy. I can't tell you how excited she was.
  • A friend who had problems with headaches, low energy, poor appetite said that a couple of weeks after coming off her problem foods (garlic, cow's milk, caffeine, soya) she woke up without a headache and hungry for breakfast for the first time in years.
  • A friend who had suffered with excruciating gut pain for as long as he could remember experienced immediate relief when he took the test and started on the same supplements I took.

My mum's about to use the food allergy test too. I'll let you know how she gets on. [Update: she's not intolerant of anything, other than gluten of course, lucky git! :-)]

Now of course I'm not a doctor, I'm just a celiac who had a lot of trouble finding out what was making me feel ill. If you are celiac who is still ill despite a gluten free diet, then I strongly recommend you take a look at this.

The food intolerance test I used

The allergy test I used is a UK-based one, but I'm sure the test must be available in the US and elsewhere. Since it's a home postal test you may be able to send it in from wherever you are - check with their customer support.

Read about the food allergy test I used here (I used the 113 food test)

(I've also done a full review of the York Test in case you want more in-depth info on it.)

[Edit: 5 years after writing this page, I have a different perspective on this test. It is true that avoiding the foods it identified made me feel much better, but I now believe this was for different reasons than the idea that I had an IgG food intolerance to them. I now know that certain foods are more difficult for the gut to cope with than others (gluten being the worst, but casein in dairy and lectins in pulses etc also being major players). I also understand that certain foods contain a lot of histamine, or can cause histamine release, which also produces similar symptoms to those I was experiencing. One downside of the test was that it lead to my cutting out foods that I didn't need to for a long time, making an already restrictive diet even worse.]

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