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A nutritionist’s approach to coeliac disease and food allergy

Although I managed to control my food allergies by using a food allergy test to identify the problem foods and then avoiding them, that didn’t deal with the root of the problem. So I decided to get a nutritionist on the job.

As I go through the process with the nutritionist, I’ve kept notes on the blog, both to ensure I keep a proper record and to help anyone else suffering from food allergies who is thinking of going the nutritionist route.

Below are links to the nutritionist blog posts in chronological order so you can enjoy reading the minutae of my digestive goings-on.

Notes from my coeliac / food allergy nutritionist

1) The gut and the immune system - notes from the first nutritionist appointment. Loads of detail on the immune system and the gut and why normalising the immune system is key to repairing the gut and reducing immune responses to food.

2) How to test secretory IgA - a postal test checking part of the immune system important to digestion.

3) How to test stomach acid levels - good levels of stomach acid are essential to effective digestion. This test enables you to check your stomach is doing its job properly.

4) Gut repair supplements - I now have to swallow more live organisms every morning than there are people on the planet. This article details what probiotics I’m taking.

5) Nutritionist progress report 1 - the introduction of the probiotics and oil didn’t go as smoothly as hoped.

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