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Gluten-Free Snacks - Travel Tips Part 3

ALWAYS carry some snacks with you. We always have a supply of “mood” bars (nut/seed bars are a favourite) to stave off the hunger pangs between meals. Nut/seed bars are a favourite, as they don’t melt and stand up to rough handling in a coat pocket, purse or briefcase. Other than chocolate, gluten free snacks are generally not readily available in gas stations, road-side cafes or transport stations. Low energy + no snack = bad mood.

Global food brands do not mean global ingredient lists! Some food formulations vary from country to country, so just because you can eat it at home, doesn’t mean it’s OK when you are away.

If you are going to take your own gluten free food supplies, you will get through most customs OK as long as the food is still sealed in its original manufacturer’s packaging.

Remember your vitamins and supplements. However careful you are, it’s still more likely you’ll have a ‘gluten incident’ whilst you’re away.

In a busy home or shared flat where you may be the only Celiac, make sure that the “danger” food is labelled as such. Design some skull and crossbone stickers or suchlike!

If you are hospitalised, MAKE SURE you TELL the hospital staff you need gluten-free food. Check that any medicines or vitamin supplements are gluten free.

Gluten Free Snacks

There are some easily available snack foods that are good for Celiacs and these include;

“Mood” bars, dried fruit, mixed nuts and raisins, chocolate (calories no object!). Fresh fruit is good but does not always travel well.

Some snack foods may take a little bit more planning;

Anything that can be re-hydrated, as hot water is ALWAYS available (and often free!). It seems like there are coffee stands everywhere! Make up some pots of dried potato pieces with vegetables, or some rice noodles and stock powder, or miso (Japanese soup base available in gluten free varieties). Some countries sell gluten free dried soups and snacks like this, but check before you buy!

Tube of gluten free pate or spread and crackers. Keep a plate, knife and napkins handy in the car.

When we’re at home, we always have sausage rolls, pastries and other delights in our freezer. (There are several good Internet shopping malls or companies that will deliver gluten free food to your door). When travelling, pop the snacks in a cool box or bag and they will keep fresh for several days.

And of course, remember your free gluten-free restaurant cards!

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