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Gluten free restaurants in Mallorca - 7

By Carmen Barcelo

Avenida de Alexandre Rosselló, 12-16
Ph NTel.:971 770 177
Fax: 971 770 809
Restaurant Ph N: 971 770 177
Avenida de Jaume III, 15
Ph N.:971 770 177
Fax: 971 718 697
Pizzas, croquette, special gluten free dishes, they have a special menu for coeliacs, and you can asked wathever they have in the supermarket and they cooked to you, Wonderful dishes, and they have an spledid scenario from the Palma old town from their restaurants. A very good option if you’re visiting the city,

C/Costa i Llobera nº 20 (next Corte Inglés Avenidas)
Ph N: 971 46 56 12
A new restaurant with a fantastic menu for coeliacs!!! Call before if you want bread or beer gluten free.
Source: http://infoceliaquia.blogspot.com/2008/06/restaurante-tarpas-tartas-y-tapaspalma.html

Telf: 971 46 56 12

A mouth catering starter.. “Our typical spanish tapas”

Patatas bravas
Tuna “Russian” salad
Fried baby green hot peppers *
Spanish omelette*
Iberian serrano Ham (acorn fed, 5J Sánchez Romero Carvajal)
Sliced boiled octopus with olive oil and paprika
Cheese assortment

From yesterday to nowadasy. “Our inmortal tapas”

Chopped octopus with vegetalbes and potatoes, cooked the typical Mallorcan way *
Chopped lamb’s liver with vegetables an potatoes, cooked the typical Mallorcan way*
Cuttlefish with onion, pine nuts and raisins, cooked the Mallorcan way
Cuttlefish in black ink sauce
Chopped squid in onion an paprika sauce
Beef tripe with chorizo and serrano ham sauce, cooked the Madrilian way
Snails in herb soup served with “alioli” dip
Rabbit cooked with onion and crab
“Pil-Pil” cod in olive oil sauce, cooked the Basque way
Squids stuffed with seafood
FOR CHILDREN: French fries with chicken breast

To make it lighter.“Our salads”

Chicken and bacon salad with mustard and honey dressing
Rocket and parmesan cheese with quince jelly dressing
Sliced mushroom and goat’s cheese saladwith olive oil and balsamic dressing

Always sweet and homemaded. “Our desserts”

Nube de melocotón
Peras tintas
Albino con salsa de dulce de leche (Dulce de leche sirvefácil Nestlé y gelatinaneutra)
Mousse a los dos chocolates (Chocolate Callebaut y gelatina en láminas)

(*) All our dishes are cooked with “clean” olive oil, just for this use.


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