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Nutritionist progress - 1 month in

Published 21 May, 2007

I thought it was about time to update you on my progress with my nutritionist, who I'm seeing for help with my food allergies.

The first appointment was around a month ago, at which I was put on a regime of Omega 6 oil and heavy duty probiotics.

About 5 days in, I started getting Dermatitis Herpatiformis on my hand, which I normally only get when poisoned with gluten. My knuckle on my right hand also broke out in eczema-ish, itchy bumps, my sleep got disrupted and poo quality went down the toilet (!) I let the nutritionist know and he told me to stop taking them.

About a week later, once the symptoms had settled down, I started taking just the oil to see if that was OK on its own. 4 days in and I was getting disrupted sleep and dodgy stools, so I stopped again.

Next was the turn of the probiotics on their own, and again, 4 days in and it was knuckle, sleep and poo again. Arg. So I've stopped taking them again, and I'm awaiting the next word from the nutritionist. I'm wondering if the fact that part of the probiotic regime is a yeast is causing problems - my original allergy test showed yeast as a problem.

Anyway, we'll wait and see. Other than the disrupted sleep I'm feeling fine, so not to worry :)

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