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Celiac friendly (gluten free) hotels and restaurants in Ireland

Gluten-free-friendly hotels and restaurants in Ireland I discovered as a travelling celiac.

Celiac Friendly Hotels in Ireland - On vacation, we stayed in five hotels in Ireland during April 2009. Trafalgar booked them all as part of our tour. About 3 weeks before departure, when I received our trip package, I emailed each hotel informing them of the dates I would be their guest and of my dietary needs. I asked for acknowledgements in response to my email to assure safe eating at least at breakfast each day. Two of the hotels deserve special recognition for their professionalism and attentiveness to my diet requirements, not restricted to Celiac Gluten-Free.

MESPIL HOTEL, a quality Dublin city centre hotel, centrally located in Ballsbridge Dublin 4, in County Dublin, Ireland - When I entered the restaurant for breakfast, the manager paging “the gluten-free guest” greeted me. He had prepared fresh containers of cereal, a sweetener, and bread - each labeled with my name - as well as a new cold carton of soymilk. All were gluten-free. I combined these items with preserves, fresh fruits and coffee for a first class breakfast and a great start for touring Dublin and Ireland.

The Mespil is situated at Baggot Street Bridge, within Georgian Dublin, an elegant and stylish part of Dublin city centre and just 15 minutes walk from St. Stephens Green, on Mespil Road, Dublin 4, Ireland. Tel: +353 1 488 4600 Fax: + 353 1 667 1244 Email: mespil@leehotels.com

KILLARNEY AVENUE HOTEL in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland - The tour included breakfast and dinner in this hotel. For both meals, Restaurant Manager Norman reserved a separate table for me and my husband, at Chef Khairul’s request. The chef came to meet us, saying he was responsible for us and wanted to ensure the best for our dining experience. He and his staff took every precaution to avert cross-contamination. Both meals were delightfully varied, fully flavorful, served attractively and in complete compliance with safe gluten-free requirements. We were told they hosted 35 Celiacs (Coeliacs) not long ago so all staff members were aware of Coeliac and safe food handling and the consequences if not followed carefully. I soon knew I was in a truly “safe” environment for my food concerns. The Killarney Avenue Hotel was a true joy, not having to question every ingredient or method each step of the way. Every staff member exhibited understanding and courteous compliance in a friendly, professional manner. During our dining visits, the manager came several times to our table to assure that all things were well and the chef came to our table to discuss how he prepared for my arrival. They made me feel completely at home away from home. In addition, I let them know what a superb job they do.

Upon arrival at Killarney Avenue Hotel, I was handed a list of what I could safely eat. Items which were either on the menu or would be prepared for me while I was their guest. They were terrific in every aspect. They fully addressed every one of my diet concerns, the first time, every time we dined with them.

Killarney Avenue Hotel is in the town centre and facing the Golden Gate entrance to Killarneys National Park, Donoghue Ring Hotels - Kenmare Place, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Tel: +353 (0) 64 21100 Reservations: +353 (0) 64 21111 Fax: +353 (0) 64 31755 Email: sales@odonoghue-ring-hotels.com

A few other venues of note:

Across from Kilkenny Castle was a tasty luncheon room located on the second floor above the gift shop that overlooks the castle courtyard. Their soups were all gluten-free, made fresh daily and most tasty. They offered fresh gluten-free muffins and huge brownies that would satisfy a giant’s sweet tooth. Their salads and soups were robust. They understood Coeliac (celiac), gluten-free dining was quick, and easy which was such a delight. This lunch place was at our leisure and one we were happy to find suiting my gluten-free diet quite nicely.

Nancy Hands Bar & Restaurant, 30-32 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, Ireland was a nice find. They seated 50 people upstairs promptly. Our Trafalgar tour manager Bernard Creegan was terrific at making things happen and appearing to be effortless. This was our last dinner in Ireland for our group. Nancy Hands’ Dominic took care of our traveling group and was most helpful in every way as the menu planned for the group was not gluten-free. Dominic accommodated my celiac diet most happily. The full meal was hot, tasty and most pleasant. How nice to dine with so many and not be singled out because of a special diet. Touring the bar alone is worth the trip. I was served in a timely manner and my dishes were flavorful. Classic Bar & Restaurant situated close to Dublin’s Phoenix Park, the National Museum at Collins Barracks, and a short stroll from Heuston train station. Telephone +353 1 6770149 Fax +353 1 677 0187

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