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Gluten free restaurant in Riga, Latvia

Published 3 August, 2011

The best part of running CeliacTravel is hearing from people all over the world working out how to safely eat gluten free. Today was another fascinating little window into another celiac's life when I got an email from an American teacher in Latvia:

"I am a foodie and love eating out - but with the concerns about Gluten, it was just one big frustration. (with the exception of Greece, eating is pretty easy there since most food is pretty fresh) Now that I am in Latvia, I found a restaurant called Raw Garden, www.rawgarden.lv/?lang=en. I've dined there, and its not fast by any means, but its fresh, flavourful and gluten free."

So there we go - another addition to the global gluten free juggernaut that is CeliacTravel.com. Tell your friends!

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