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Gluten free egg free pancakes

Published 7 June, 2008

Every now and then I try a new gluten free pancake recipe for breakfast. This one worked well, so i thought I'd better scribble it down.

This morning I combined some gram flour, cornflour (corn starch), tapioca starch (arrowroot), cinammon, fruit sugar and sodium bicarbonate and it worked very nicely thank you. Here are the rough amounts...

Gluten free egg free pancakes

Makes pancakes for 4

1/2 cup gram flour
1 cup cornflour (corn starch)
1/4 cup tapioca starch
1/2 tsp cinammon
2 tbsp fruit sugar
1 tsp sodium bicarbonate

Add water and stir until desired consistency and pop onto a hot pan. You can add chopped dried fruit to your gluten free egg free pancake if you like. I like.

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