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Gluten free coconut sorbet

Published 6 February, 2007

Thai Coconut Cream Sorbet - gluten free!

1x 400ml tin of gluten free coconut milk (yes, they even put modified starch in coconut milk sometimes, so make sure yours is gluten free. A safer alternative is coconut block that you make into milk - I've yet to see non gluten free coconut mlikblock).

4.5 oz sugar

Juice of one small lemon

  1. Dissolve sugar in boiling water
  2. Set aside in fridge to cool
  3. Whisk in Coconut milk and lemon juice and put into ice cream maker or pop in freezer and take out and whisk after a couple of hours and ice crystals have appeared around the edge
  4. whisk twice more at hourly intervals
  5. if it remains in the fridge overnight then remove for about 30 mins prior to serving.
For something so simple, this gluten free coconut sorbet is extremely tasty. I think that substituting the lemon juice with lime juice might just be rather good too.

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