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Fennel and samphire fishcakes

Published 30 July, 2008

I've always been found of the humble fish cake but today the fish cake I'm making is not quite so humble. After dinner tonight we had some roast fennel and some sun fire grass left over. I know fancy you and some and also some salmon and some place. So I've whipped them all together into fish cake and by gum is that tasty. Now of course you have to like fennel and some people would rather run screaming of a cliff than eat fennel but if you do like it then this is a cracking way to make an more interesting fish cake. So here's the recipe you need a good dollop of mash potato just as much as you need that's been seasoned and has got maybe a little bit of butter or olive oil in it. Than, what else, sun fire grass or fennel you've got left over chopped and let it reason be small. Your left fish mixed in. Get it all mixed up with your fingers, make it into patties. Fry in a pan of olive oil for breakfast and smile all day.

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