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Gluten free restaurants in Mallorca - 1

By Carmen Barcelo

RAPHA´S (Ca´n Picafort-Mallorca)

*Paseo Colón, 169. Ca´n Picafort (Mallorca) 971-851863 Closed on wednesday.
*Avenida Diagonal. Ca´n Picafort (Mallorca) 971-851428
Specialized restaurant in Castilian-Leon cousine. Great variety of plates: covers, graze, fish, meat
-they have bread without gluten
-they have pasta without gluten
-They use: Corn flour, Orlando tomato (gluten free)
-They have: frier, toasting differentiated in the kitchen without.
-In case of being several companions at table they cook gluten free to share
-They have ice creams of the Menorquina (gluten free)
-The price is not increaded to inlclude gluten free products(bread or pasta) therefore in
the menu you only read pasta/bread they don’t specify gluten free ( remember to ask it).

- Paseo Marítimo (en el antiguo Champs). Tfn.: 971-282898
- Cecili Metel, 14. Tfn.: 971-727272
- Industria, 6. Tfn.: 971-730740
Mainly Pasta, we recommed you to call for the chef to choose the souce. Always explain that you want gluten free dishes. Thay don’t have desserts or bread without gluten.

C/Pablo Iglesias, 12 (a 5 minutos centro)
Tel.: 871 948 947

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