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Gluten free coeliac kids in Mallorca - 4

By Carmen Barcelo

Places for kids in Majorca:

Natura Park
Dirección: Sta. Eugènia
Contacto: Teléfono 971 144 078
Horario: De noviembre a marzo: 10 a 18 h.
De abril a octubre: 10 a 19 h.
Entrada: Adultos 7 €
Niños 4.50 € Natura Parc

I don’t go to this kind of places but another mother told me: They have tablecloths where you can read which food is gluten free and which is not. All the meats (without bread) are suitable for coeliacs. The chocolat icecream with penauts is the one my daughter eats, the others I don’t know if they are gluten free.
The big problem are the French fries, because the normal ones do not have gluten but they could share frier with potatoes lux, which have gluten. Because they filter the oil and reuse in the friers. We don’t eat that to avoid the gluten.

Please be careful with the chips because they share probably the same fryer with and could be contaminated with gluten.

Burker King
The hamburguer (without bread), please be careful because the bacon and the cheese contains gluten.
The french fries may contain gluten.


  • Be patient ... ...on the island we just do the job in a slow rhythm.
  • Be patient ... ...Spanish people don’t know much about this….
  • Always ask for the way the have cooked, or fried the food, as usual.
  • If you can ask for a “parrillada de pescado” o a “la plancha”, means toast or grilled, but remember to say they clean up the “plancha”, the grill before use.
  • Enjoy the huge variety of fish we have in the island, just grilled with allioli (alliolli, if is allioli the inner mayoinnese, is only garlic and oil, gluten free, but ask!)
  • Try olives ... ...fantastic (be careful if it’s filled with something, pepper or anchovy)

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