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Thai Celiac / Coeliac Gluten Free Restaurant Card

This Thai foreign language restaurant card enables celiacs / coeliacs to tell the hotel, cafe or restaurant where they are eating out about their food requirements for a gluten free diet.

Thai is spoken in the following countries: Malaysia and Thailand.

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The Thai card includes the following text:

"Gluten is in soy sauce, black sauce, oyster sauce, batter (i.e. Gogi tempura flour), seasonings (i.e. Knorr), other sauces (i.e. ketchup - some brands) and other food that use wheat flour i.e. bread"

"(Can use fish sauce or salt instead of soy sauce for salty taste, or if the seasonings that labeled Gluten-Free) - Megachef Brand's soy sauce and oyster sauce are gluten free"

Download PDF of this Thai gluten free card here

Thai Gluten Free Restaurant Card
Thai Gluten Free Restaurant Card
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